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Kids and Teens was added to the Open Directory Project as a new top-level category in November of 2000 by combining the categories Home/Kids and Society/People/Teens. The goal of this new hierarchy was to create a completely new directory that would be safe for both kids and teens in addition to catering to their specific needs. From the beginning, the Kids and Teens ODP was created as a directory within a directory, having its own set of guidelines, forums, and senior editorial staff. The project has since grown to become the most comprehensive human-selected guide to the Internet for kids and teens across the world.

The Kids and Teens ODP Guidelines are supplemental to the general ODP Guidelines and serve to address those issues that are unique to the Kids and Teens directory. All editors are expected to read and follow both sets of guidelines, using them as the basis for all editorial activity. Though these guidelines are to be taken seriously, they are meant only to guide you through the dilemmas that you will encounter when editing in Kids and Teens. Portions of the guidelines may not always apply, and you are encouraged to use good common sense when editing, always keeping the end-user in mind.

Again, these guidelines are to be used in conjunction with the general ODP Guidelines as well as category-specific charters. These two documents will provide you with enough guidance to edit with competence, but there are many nuances of the community culture that are not addressed here. More in depth information on a wider variety of ODP subjects can be found at the Editor Resource Zone and in the editor forums.

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