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Greenbuster Guidelines

What is the Greenbuster Permission?

This permission gives non-editall editors the ability to edit unreviewed queues in very broad areas of the directory. It gives editors the opportunity to expand their editing abilities by taking on limited permissions in very large categories to which they would not be granted full editing privileges due to lack of experience.

The goals of the Greenbuster permission are to:

This permission was inspired by the Greenbusters Project, which a group of editors started to help reduce submission backlogs and mentor newer editors. See: Test: Team_Projects: Past_Projects: Greenbusters for more information.

What can a Greenbuster do?

Greenbusters can do the following:

Greenbusters do not have the ability to edit reviewed listings, create new categories, change sort priority, or any other feature that would affect the reviewed listings.

How do I choose a category to Greenbust?

The idea here is to get people editing at very high levels because that's where the largest unreviewed queues exist. Help Wanted is a great place to find categories to Greenbust. If you apply for a category tree that does not have unreviewed, you will not get accepted for it.

Generally, apply to greenbust large categories that are rather high in a directory node. Do not be put off by the number of reviewed listings because you will not be able to edit those. However, remember green numbers manage to freak people out initially. If you are a relatively inexperienced editor, avoid asking for a top or second level cat at the start. Begin lower and gradually move your way up. If we think you are trying to bite off more than you can chew, we may deny your request and ask you to take on something smaller.

For example, if you edit in Arts: Music: Styles: J: Jazz: Swing: Bands_and_Artists apply to Greenbuster Arts: Music: Styles: J: Jazz.

Also, do not be shy about requesting to Greenbust a category that seems to have an ample number of listed editors. Just because an editor is listed in a category does not mean s/he devotes all his/her editing time to unreviewed. For example, Computers/Security is brimming with unreviewed sites, and many of them are good, quality submissions. Even though there are several editors listed in this area, it could really use the services of a greenbusting squad.

You can be a greenbuster in more than one category.

What happens to my Greenbusted links?

Your greenbusted links will be reviewed and added to the "live" listings by the resident category editors or others who have permission to edit the category. Unlike the Greenbusters Project, no one is obligated to give you feedback on your edits. If you want someone to review your edits, then you may ask a resident category editor, or make a request in the "category check" thread in the New Editor's forum.

All greenbusted edits are recorded in your edit logs.

At this time, greenbusted links are not visible to the public, and are not included in the weekly RDF dump.

Are there any additional guidelines for Greenbusters?

Greenbusters follow the ODP Editing Guidelines and all applicable category guidelines.

Note: Greenbusters should not process Updates in unreviewed or add links that already exist in the category where they are Greenbusting. Currently the system does not allow duplicates between the Reviewed and Greenbusted listings. So if you update an existing URL, it will get moved to the Greenbusted listing, and thus removed from the RDF. This is not good.

How do I become a Greenbuster?

Apply using the New Category Request form. Select the "Greenbuster" permission type option. This form can also be accessed from your Editor Dasboard by following the link called "Request to be editor for another category."

How do I go from being a Greenbuster to Full Category Editor?

Send in a new category permissions request. If you are doing a good job at greenbusting the category, you may be granted the category. However, please do not go to a meta to request an upgrade. Use the new category permissions form.