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Administrator Guidelines

Administrators (Admins) are responsible for project management of the Open Directory Project. This includes all aspects of the project, with the exception of the following, which are the responsibility of AOL/Netscape staff members:


Admins have access to the same set of tools and resources as those with Root privileges. This includes all tools and privileges available to (k)meta editors, as well as the ability to:

Individual Expectations

Each individual Administrator is expected to:

Failure to satisfy these expectation will result in the removal of Admin privileges.

Administrator Group Expectations

As a group, Administrators are expected to:

Group Responsibilities

Each Admin has a primary area of responsibility. This helps promote specialisation, ensure that all key areas receive the necessary focus, and provide clear points of contact for the community. It does not, however, preclude any Administrator from participating in other activities. In fact, Administrators are encouraged to participate in all activities, as their interests, abilities, and time allow.

The focus areas are: