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The politics of sexuality addresses, and often challenges, the social organization of sexuality. Sexuality is not defined by nature, nor is it simply an individual matter. Sexuality as a political phenomenon involves a wide variety of issues including the representation of sexuality, sex education, individual freedoms, sex work and sexual identities.

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Child Trafficking
A digital library of resources to help prevent child trafficking into prostitution, forced labor and child marriage.
Family, Sex and the Individual
A report investigating the effects of casual sex and role of the family. [1998]
Gender, Body and Politics
Articles and links relating to bisexuality, polyamory, feminist, and BDSM issues.
Harmful to Minors
A book about the perils of protecting children from sex by Judith Levine. Includes links to reviews, news articles, and excerpts.
It's the Sex Stupid!
An essay calling for the recognition of sex as an important political issue.
Legalized Prostitution
A position paper written for the legalization of prostitution.
Naked Sex and Politics
The personal ponderings and intimacies of author Crystal Syben Haidl. Focuses on the ironies and hypocrisies of human sexuality.
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
U.S. lobbying and advocacy organization promoting tolerance of sexual minorities.
Open Magazine
Rice University's magazine that presents perspectives about sex via articles, editorials, interviews and art.
The Repression of Childhood Sexuality
The history of childhood in western culture and how it has led to a 'cult of childhood' which does not recognize children as sexual beings.
A weblog promoting direct conversation about sex, gender and the human body.
Sexual Freedom Coalition
Promotes sexual freedom, mutual tolerance and lobbies for reforms of UK sex laws that inhibit the freedoms of consenting adults.
SM and Fetish Human Rights
A European effort to remove Fetishism and SM as psychiatric diagnoses from the International Classification of Diseases.
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