Shamanic healing techniques involve both a physical and a spiritual level. Various plants and herbs can be used for medicinal purposes on the physical level, in combination with spiritual journeys or healing. Spiritual journeys involve bringing back soul fragments, or parts of someone's subtle body which have been removed due to a trauma. Healing involves the removal of spiritual intrusions or blocks in the meridians (energetic pathways) of a person's subtle body.

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Aziz Shamanism
Shamanism is an art in which the individual wakes up to reality by shedding the illusions of humanity and withdrawing into the wilderness to learn directly from nature.
Creativity, Healing, & Shamanism
A dynamical systems model of the creative process and transformational experiences in shamanic emergence. Three exceptional encounters are used as examples.
Dancing Bear Way
Shamanic healing practices from a variety of traditions along with several New Age practices are described.
Jennifer Sanfilippo, a shamanic and spiritual healer, uses soul retrieval, past life regression, psychopomp, chakra and aura cleansing.
Healing through the spirit
Native American healing, stones, hands on, energy work, massage, sundancer, Balckfeet, Cherokee, time regression
Rainbow Sun Healing Centre
Holistic healing centre in British Columbia, Canada offers sacred, shamanic healing for illness, grief, pain, crisis on all levels of being.
Shaman Ross Bishop
The healing methods and teachings of shaman Ross Bishop. Includes Ross' writings, workshops and healing books.
Shamanism Net Links -
Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Breathwork, Use of Feathers in Healing, Sweat Lodges, Medicine Bag herbals, Drumming, Journey, etc.
Spiritual and Shamanic Healing Journeys
Information on Brazil journeys with author Josie RavenWing: experience the world's most powerful healer, "miracle man" Joao de Deus, and shamanic ceremonies...
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