Reincarnation category deals with the belief in a soul that survives death of a body and is reborn in another. This belief is common to many cultures and listings engage the reader in exploring and studying these beliefs.

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Another View of Reincarnation
Jean Parent examines reincarnation as a key role in man's redemption and salvation, from a Biblical perspective. (English/French)
Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation: Past Life Readings as Religious Symbology
Essay by J. Gordon Melton analyzing some of the readings and other materials left by Edgar Cayce about reincarnation.
The Implications of Reincarnation in Today's World
Provides free information on experiencing past lives and the implications that past lives have on present life.
In Another Life - Reincarnation in America
Supporting website for documentary film on reincarnation. Includes film preview, related articles, collection of personal accounts, book reviews and on-line store.
A Note on Past Lives
Author and spiritual teacher L. Ron Hubbard writes about reincarnation and its effects on our present lives.
Preparation for Reincarnation
Eva Broch Pierrakos discusses the process of reincarnation and how we can influence our next life through the choices we make now. Pathwork Guide Lecture, no. 34. [PDF]
The Question of Reincarnation
Article about life, death and reincarnation, from a Christian Spiritualist perspective.
A comprehensive examination of the origins and prevalence of reincarnation as a concept in world religious traditions. Includes both Eastern and Western traditions as well as ancient and modern views.
An essay on the Western origins of reincarnation as a philosophical concept and religious belief.
Reincarnation - Its Meaning and Consequences
Ernest Valea examines the history and prevalence of reincarnation in world religions and popular belief.
The Reincarnation FAQ
Information about reincarnation from scientific, religious and mystical perspectives. Includes examples of past life memory, supporting articles, bibliography, information about past life regression and on-line bookstore.
Wikipedia - Reincarnation
The origins and historical development of reincarnation as a concept and belief in world religious traditions.
Express: "Reincarnation is Real"
Intertwines the theories of consciousness survival and reincarnation by suggesting a departing soul can find a new brain. Cites the case of James Leninger believed to be a downed aircraft pilot. (February 04, 2017)
Scientific American: Ian Stevenson’s Case for the Afterlife
A blog entry written by Jesse Bering outlining Professor. Stevenson's research on past life memories. (November 02, 2013)

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