Horoscopes are a form of astrological entertainment, and usually form a set of predictions for each sun sign. This can of course only be a generalisation, as complete chart data is needed for accurate interpretation and prediction.

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Alison's Astrology Page
Daily horoscopes, New Year Star Guides and Valentine's Day Star Guides, Zodiac Profiles and articles of an astrological nature.
Artcharts Daily Astrology
Offering daily, weekly and monthly readings with charting services, news and calendar.
Ask Oracle
Offers free yearly, monthly, weekly and daily horoscopes.
Astrocopia Vedic Astrology
Advanced horoscope predictions for every unique year and month along with information relating to love, health, business, sports, and politics. Plus comprehensive astrological services.
Astrology Insight
Daily, weekly, monthly, and romance horoscopes.
Astrology Online
Offers free, original daily and weekly horoscopes, descriptions of all the Sun Signs and definitions.
Daily or weekly readings, romance horoscopes, birthday readings, tarot card sites.
Weekly and monthly horoscopes from Penny Thornton, with chart services and greetings cards.
Cosmic Imperative
Uses all the planets, signs, and houses. Relationship, character, and forecast/transits. Free charts, requires Real player.
Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma
Daily and weekly horoscopes, services for horoscopes, zodiac signs and compatibility information.
Frank Pilkington
Weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes together with dream analysis.
Free Horoscopes and Astrology
Free horoscope forecasts and astrology predictions daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Horoscopes cover love, career, money, luck, fortune and fame. Astrology website guide, site reviews and informative articles.
The Future Minders
Offers a variety of horoscopes and online readings sorted into different personalised areas.
Georgia Nicols
Free daily and weekly astrology from Georgia Nicols, as seen in The National Post, and annual forecast for a fee.
Goto Horoscope
Includes astrological articles, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope for sun signs.
The Horoscope
Free personal daily and weekly horoscope
Free daily horoscopes, free daily Chinese astrological forecast, unique daily celebrity astro gossip section, natal charts, astro-match.
Community for those interested in horoscopes, offering free daily horoscopes via email, AstroChat, dating service and other topical columns.
Huffington Post: Horoscopes
Offers free daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes.
John Hayes
Monthly and yearly horoscope forecasts from this Irish astrologer. Also features articles and information on other divination forms.
Jonathan Cainer's Zodiac Forecasts
Daily horoscopes including a thought for the day.
Mystic Stars
Offers a variety of horoscopes, both general and specific as well as other astrological services and products.
Pro Astro Horoscopes
Offers a variety of horoscopes including free daily horoscope, daily lovescopes, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes.
Russell Grant Astrology
Free daily horoscopes, Tarot readings, and dream interpretations. Online chart shop.
Sexual Astrology
Daily love horoscopes for both Western and Chinese zodiacs.
Starlight Astrology
Offering daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes as well as sign interpretations and general astrology information.
Terry Nazon Horoscopes
Astrologer writes horoscopes for all the Sun Signs that help you navigate through life.
The Twelfth House
A psychological astrology site hosted by Mark Husson. Includes four unique horoscopes, articles and oracles.
Where's the Moon?
Michael Lutin offers daily, weekly and monthly forecasts, with charting services.

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