Here's a place where you'll find social issues publications, Christian activist organizations, and many more resources designed to equip today's Christian to "do what Jesus would do" and stand in the gap for Truth.

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American Family Association (AFA)
Pro-family action site promotes traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media on our society.
Australian Christian Lobby
Political action group lobbying for Christian principles and ethics reforms in Government and legislation for Australia. Features news, key issues, events, and articles.
Christian Cannabis Fellowship
Facebook page from a group that seeks to remove the stigma and bias associated with its use by presenting it's godly view of cannabis instead of a cannabis view on Christianity.
Christian Gun Owner
Features advice and insight developed and written from a Christian perspective on the issue of gun ownership.
Christian Newswire
Press releases about issues that concern Christians. Includes RSS Feeds by topic.
Christianity, Cyberspace and Culture
Deals with interaction between the Internet and society in general and Christianity in particular.
Common Divisive Fallacies
Describes several logical fallacies and other erroneous reasoning forms commonly found within different interpretations of scripture.
Disabled Christianity
Issues related to Christianity and persons with disability, hosted by Jeff McNair, Special Education professor at California Baptist University.
Uk-based ecumenical organization encouraging churches to consider environmental issues within a Christian context. Resources, local groups, history, and award program.
Family Research Council
Exists to reaffirm and promote nationally, and particularly in Washington, DC, the traditional family unit and the Judeo-Christian value system upon which it is built.
Focus on the Family:
Daily Family News in Focus reports, the current editions of Citizen magazine, FOF press releases, attorney's resources, and research papers on numerous social issues. U.S. based.
Gary Demar American Vision
Current events analysis from Christian Reformed perspective.
Healing the Land
Articles on biblical environmentalism and misconceptions about nature from a Creationist perspective.
Justice Fellowship
A Christian public policy organization that seeks to promote Biblically based principles of restorative justice.
Online News And Views-national And World Events
Dorothy Seese conservative and Christian views of the political, social and moral trends in the United States.
Politically Correct or Biblically Correct
Biblical interpretation of scriptures views on homosexuality and abortion. Site owner welcomes discussion pro or con.
Reconciliation in Society
On bringing about reconciliation in a society through loving civil action and public repentance.
Save Our Sundays
A site which advocates for business closure on Sundays. Offers news, discussion groups, articles and surveys.
The Shepherd's Voice
[English, French] What the Bible says about homosexuality, abortion, divorce, and scolding ecumenism at the expense of truth.
True Grace Ministries
Nondenominational Christian organization advocating freedom of religion, and faith in God.

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