Afterlife describes a place 'the afterlife' or a state of being that is believed to exist after bodily death and is also referred to as 'life after death'.

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Afterlife Conference
The annual event for the Afterlife Education Foundation. Features details about previous events, articles and biographies of the speakers and workshops. Includes hotel information.
Afterlife Data
Research using the questions on as a starting point, compiling answers from a range of authors. Includes a statistical analysis, links and a contact form.
Afterlife Evidence
Presents a case for what happens after we die. Includes articles and videos covering subjects such as scientists who investigated and accepted the survival of consciousness and debunking skeptics. Offers a weekly newsletter, a list of researchers, FAQs and links.
Afterlife Explorers Conference
Australian symposium. Outlines the subjects being covered and the speakers. Includes directions to the venue and suggestions for accommodation. A booking and seating plan page and a selection of articles and quotes.
Afterlife Forums
Message board covering topics such as communicating with the dead, religion, spirituality and the meaning of life and instrumental transcommunication.
Afterlife Knowledge
Author Bruce A. Moen writes about his experiences and opinions about the survival of consciousness after bodily death. Offers a forum, links, articles, FAQs and a glossary.
Afterlife Proof
One man's theory, presenting life as a geometric concept.
Afterlife TV with Bob Olson
Includes a blog and articles. Readers may also send him a question or a story to be included in one of his videos.
AllNurses: Death Bed Visions
A multiple page forum post. Medical staff discuss their experiences with dying patients who appear to see the deceased or Angels, and share their personal beliefs.
Compelling Evidence for the Afterlife
A blog also featuring articles and interviews, along with videos and suggested reading.
Life After Death
Considers various evidence for and against.
Life Beyond Death
Presents the processes believed to happen to the spirit after we die and how to prepare for the event. Includes an article on suicide and FAQs.
Light After Life
A message board with threads discussing life and death, near death experiences and related subjects.
Macy Afterlife: The Beacon
Articles and the author's thoughts and readers' comments on the subject of communicating with the deceased, ethereal beings and other worldly entities using modern technological means such as radios, computers and telephones.
Michael Prescott's Blog
Discussions of evidence for psi and life after death, with an attempt to balance judicious skepticism and rational open-mindedness.
Multidimensional Man
Written by an out of body experiencer. Information about his book, videos, profile, his thoughts on life after death and the nature of consciousness. FAQs and links.
New Maps of Heaven
Describes life on the astral planes and beyond. With subjects covering the death process, the children's realm, each plane of existence, other planets and reincarnation.
The Otherside Press
Features articles covering life after death, mediumship, spirituality and science. Also has columns on subjects such as astrology and crystals.
Parapsychology and Personal Survival After Death
An article examining the scientific case for survival. Also looks at aspects of the paranormal that overlap, such as telepathy. Includes quotes from scientists.
Robert Lanza, M.D. - Biocentrism
Scientist and author. His book Biocentrism is also known as The Theory of Everything and is a work studying the consciousness with implications being that there is no death. Videos, articles and press mentions.
The Scole Experiment
Paranormal activity investigated over a five year period and considered to be genuine by the UK's Society for Psychical Research. Includes a collection of articles and papers penned by SPR members and a selection of perspectives by participants. The book is also offered for sale.
The Search for Life after Death
A blog with the author's thoughts. Includes resources for death, dying and the hereafter and includes a section for debating about Near Death Experiences. Author also reviews books, websites and mediums.
Spiritual Forums: Death & the Afterlife
Part of a community message board. Topics discussed include NDEs, common questions and members' fears.
The Temples of Wisdom
A place for spiritual counseling in the great beyond during the process of reincarnation.
Terri Daniel
Author of books on death and life after death. Founder and president of the Afterlife Education Foundation. Offers a synopsis of her books and CDs, upcoming events and articles. Insights into the Afterlife
Thirty commonly asked questions about life after death, and their answers, by Nora M. Spurgin. Also describes her friend's passing and gives a list of suggested reading.
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