Advaita Vedanta is a school of philosophy that argues that Truth, or Brahman, is the only thing that is real in this world. Since, mathematically speaking, there can be only one truth, and not two, the adjective 'advaita', meaning 'not two' is used. Vedanta refers to the 'anta', or the end, or summary, of the Vedas, the highly regarded treasurehouse of spiritual knowledge emanating from India.

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Nonduality: The Varieties of Expression
Introducing Advaita, Gurus, Masters, Teachers, Realizers, Confessors, Poets, Scholars, and nondual scriptures and literature.
Advaita - A Presentation for Beginners
written by D. Krishna Ayyar, the complete text is available on-line. Despite claiming to be 'for beginners' this is very comprehensive covering practically any topic that you might think of. It is a classical treatment that uses all of the correct Sanskrit terminology.
Advaita Academy
Hundreds of essays from modern teachers and writers both on general Advaita topics and scriptural exegesis; interviews; audio and video talks; book reviews; blogs from a number of writers.
Advaita enquiry and educating disciplines
the website of Ananda Wood contains a comprehensive resource for the teachings of Sri Atmananda, the tradition of Advaita, discourses on science, language and education, as well as a slideshow and free downloads.
Advaita Fellowship
Advaita teaching of Ramesh S. Balsekar, Wayne Liquorman (ram tzu) and Nisargadatta Maharaj. Transcripts, audio files and live webcasts of Wayne's talks.
Advaita Notebook
Thoughts, poems, audio and book from Peter Marjason in the style of neo-advaita.
Advaita Vedanta
A 'weblog' site from Floyd Henderson offering daily meditations on the subject of Advaita.
Advaita Vedanta Quotes and Nonduality Quotations
quotations from Floyd Henderson, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Dennis Waite.
The Advaita Vedânta Home Page
A traditional approach to non-dualism, as taught by as taught by SankarAcArya and his followers. History, philosophies, philosophers.
Advaita Vision
links to organisations, teachers and resources; excerpts from published books; details of hundreds of books related to Advaita, with links to purchase; discourses, book extracts and essays from current teachers and writers; question and answer section; introduction to Sanskrit and ITRANS. Related blog, with 9 writers, at
The most important works of Narayana Guru and Dr. Nataraja Guru are available on-line, including the former's 'Darsana Mala' and the latter's commentary on this, 'The Integrated Science of the Absolute'. There is also a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and on Shankara's 'Saundarya Lahari' and numerous other essays and articles. There is also a discussion forum.
Advaitin Homepage
Website for the Advaitin Egroup. In addition to details of the group, FAQ, messages and an invitation to join, there are articles on Advaita, Hinduism, Vedas and Upanishads, and Gita.
Aloha Sangha
Weekly meetings in Honolulu exploring the varieties of nondual experience and expression, with emphasis on the teachings of Nisargadatta, Sri Ramana, and Zen Buddhism.
A free Web magazine about Non Duality. There are articles by the editor Wolter Keers, a disciple of Ramana Maharshi and others such as Douglas Harding, Krishna Menon and Tony Parsons.
Ashram Vidya Order
Founded by Raphael and teaching in the 'Primordial Tradition' of Pythagoras, Parmenides, Plato, Plotinus, Lao-tse, Gaudapada, Shankara and others. Monthly on-line readings from the Mandukya Upanishad and Gaudapada's karika.
The Awakened Eye
Artists and artisans, educators and philosophers, scientists, sages and saints present their understanding and teachings about nondual awareness: the eye wideawake, and the awakened 'I' are not two!
A Course in Consciousness
Quantum theory and consciousness; the metaphysics of non-duality; the end of suffering and the discovery of our true nature - an on-line or downloadable book by Stanley Sobottka, professor of Physics at the University of Virginia.
Dadashri The Gnani Purush
Words of wisdom on a number of subjects from Ambalal Muljibhai Patel aka Dadashri (died 1988), using the teaching of 'Akram Vignam', the 'Elevator Path'. This teaching now continued by a disciple.
Divine Life Church of Absolute Oneness
Thoughts on a number of practical problems, including some audio files, from Swami Shankarananda, founder of this church in Baltimore, Maryland.
Flames of Nonduality
Advaita in St. Petersburg, Russia. A number of pages in English about the spiritual path of Advaita, including some material by Andrew Cohen.
Gems From The Ocean Of Traditional Hindu Thought
Prof. V. Krishnamurthy had made extracts from his books available here. There are a wide range of topics relating to Hinduism in general and Vedanta in particular.
If I Could Tell You
Two essays: 'OM' - short observations on aspects of Advaita interspersed with quotations from Taoism; 'I Am' - an autobiographical description of a journey of Self-discovery.
Inner Quest
Articles and teachings from Ranjit Maharaj, Sri Poonja, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramesh Balsekar and Chandra Swami; Catalogue of videos, DVDs and books from various teachers,traditional and modern, including Ramana Maharshi and J. Krishnamurti; details of meetings in Paris (last section in French only).
Krishna Viswaroopam
This is a weblog site with existing entries based upon the teachings of the Upanishads and Swami Vivekananda.
Living Satsang
Interviews (some in Dutch) with various teachers, e.g. Arjuna, Neelam, Osho, Isaac Shapiro. Details of forthcoming retreats in Holland and events at a 'satsang community' in N. France.
On-line magazine with essays, stories, pictures, and poems relating to interfaith spirituality since 2000. The focus is on enlightenment in the context of Advaita but other non-dual philosophies are also represented. Edited by Dr. Harsh K. Luthar with new articles every month.
Maharaj Nisargadatta
primarily related to this teacher, providing quotations, biography, lineage and photos and the complete text of 'I am That'. There are also other essays and books on Advaita in general, including many of the books by Ramana Maharshi, Upanishads, Gita and Brahmasutras, works by Sivananda and Krishnananda, Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, and a number from the Bhaktivedanta Trust.
Mark West - Non Duality
There are numerous articles from Mark West, a disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj. There are also audio talks, interviews, several videos and details of the book 'Gleanings from Nisargadatta' - Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj transcribed by Mark 1976-77.
Nisargadatta Maharaj
Dedicated to the Advaita Master, Nisargadatta Maharaj and linked to the related Discussion Group. Contains quotations from the books of his dialogues.
Nisargadatta Maharaj
Contains a brief biography and information about Nisargadatta's teaching style; details of his published books and some downloadable scriptural texts; a large number of downloadable photos; a number of on-line videos and links to related sites.
Our Deceitful Senses
Articles, in modern terminology, addressing the topics of perception and the illusory world, dream as a metaphor for waking 'reality' and recognising that we are not the body.
Papaji Satsang
Extensive biography and pictures of Sri Poonja together with quotation and video of the week and numerous satsang extracts.
The Philosophy of Advaita Vedanta - Nonduality
Weblog containing article entries related to the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta as contained in the Upanishads and systematized by Adi Shankara.
A practical approach to Advaita
Introduction to Advaita and how to put the philosophy to practice in everyday life.
Pure Silence
Offers pointers to integral spiritual transformation based on a personal realization of the true self and the practice of silence: the essence of non duality and all genuine spirituality.
Radiance of Being
the blog of Rodney Stevens. Influenced principally by John Wheeler, he provides pointers, reviews, questions & answers and generally expresses observations on 'simply being' in the present.
Reflections India
Dedicated to the understanding and realization of the truths of life and experiences. Organised by Dr. Haramohan Mishra, graduate in Sanskrit and doctor in Advaita Epistemology. On-line magazine with archived articles, details of published books and links.
The Road to pSingularity
An unusual interpretation of Advaita Vedanta in terms of the mathematics of the Turing Machine as implemented in the Human Genome.
Robert Adams
A disciple of Ramana Maharshi. This is the website of the 'Infinity Institute', instructed to carry on his teaching following his death in 1997. There are details of events, articles, publications and transcripts. A Home study course is available at $60 per year along with books, booklets and tapes.
Provides the complete writings of Adi Shankara and explains his doctrine of Advaita Vedanta. Other scriptural texts also available, including a number of Upanishads, the Vedas and Puranas.
Schedules of teachers holding satsangs and retreats in the Netherlands, together with links and quotes.
Science and Nonduality
Site promoting the Science & Nonduality conference held annually in California. Details of past and future events, program and speakers, together with information about organizers, venue and sales of DVDs.
The website of Gilbert Schultz, a disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj and 'Sailor' Bob Adamson. There are numerous articles, audio, videos and details of his books.
The Seer
the weblog of Peter Sumner, a spiritual mentor based at Gurukula in Fremantle, Western Australia, particularly influenced by Eckhart Tolle. There are frequent updates with extracts from books, topical observations and comments.
Self-Identity Anonymous
E. J. Shearn's weblog site, with the topic of 'Getting to the bottom of self'.
the weblog of Dr. Shyam Subramanian contains observations based on traditional teachings but aimed at the modern reader.
Shankara's Crest-Jewel of Wisdom, Vivekachudamani
a new rendition of the version translated by Charles Johnston.
This is the website of James Swartz. Many perennial questions on Advaita are addressed in 12 different categories and opinions are expressed on a number of issues. Books and essays may be read on-line or downloaded as PDF files. Some may be purchased as hard copy and the entire site is available on CD.
Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham
More than 1000 pages of information on Hinduism and Advaita. See their 'site map' for links to everything about Hindu dharma, together with many articles and tributes to Shankara and his lineage.
Sri Ranjit Maharaj
Site dedicated to Ranjit Maharaj and his teacher, Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj. There are excerpts from talks, including two in MP3 format and a program of events.
Stillness Speaks
Distributes video, audio and texts of a number of contemporary non-dual spiritual teachers and traditional sages. Some of these resources are available as free downloads. There are also recommended books, links and a weblog.
Strictly Spiritual
tips for evaluating a spiritual teacher for yourself together with a personal ratings list.
Swami Rama Tirtha
Contains biographical details and eulogies. 'In Woods of God-Realization' is a seven volume compilation of the complete works of Swami Rama and this is being made available on-line.
Vancouver Satsang
Has details of all of the events around Vancouver in Canada.
Vedanta Centre
The centre, near Boston MA, expounds the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna; provides services and retreats, a library and bookstore. There are 'Daily Thoughts' from the writings of Swami Paramananda.
Vedanta: The Yoga of Objectivity
Neema Majmudar and Surya Tahora, disciples of Swami Dayananda, are the authors of this website. This site gives a detailed presentation of Vedanta and its teaching methodology, with pop-up quotes from relevant scriptures together with articles (in PDF format for download) and dialogs on specific aspects. There is also a schedule of talks, seminars and retreats (held in India, Bangkok, etc).
Dedicated to hosting selected classes of Swami Paramarthananda (a direct disciple of Swami Dayananda), including some of the ongoing classes in Chennai. Talks either require a 'Flash Player', which may be downloaded from the site, or are in real-audio format.
Vidya Bharata
Advaita Vedanta Philosophy, Raphael, Tattvaloka, The Mountain Path, Sringeri Ashram, both in English and Italian.
Who Are You?
If pictures help you to understand new concepts and you have the Shockwave plugin Flash 5.0 installed, this site poses a set of visually stimulating questions on the nature of ourselves and the world of appearances.
Wide Awake Living
the website of Alice Gardner. There are essays, poetry, links and reviews. Influenced by Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti, she offers 'mentoring' sessions and circulates a monthly Newsletter.
The Yoga Vasistha
Some original comments on this ancient text, which provides an understanding of the nature of reality.

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