Since there have been political leaders there has been political humor. Like all humor some is crass, some is mean and some is insightful. Not all of those who poke fun at the world of politics are as clever as Dr. Swift or Mark Russell. They all have something to say, though. Sometimes they are cutting right to the heart of an issue in a way that would be far more difficult or far less interesting without a punchline. Though internet humor can be as silly as the photocopy fodder that proceeded it, we all want to see the form raised above that level. The sites that are pointed out as being the best all manage to raise the bar somehow. No effort is being made to single out folks with whom the editor agrees. As long as it is clever and makes a point, we hope you will find a site to be worth a visit.

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Editorial, political cartoonists offer free samples and pay download site.
Bob James's View of Life
Joe sixpack's view of politics. AND, he wants to sell you stuff!
Drudge Retort
Links to satirical stories about world events and US politics.
Humor, satire and parody with Entertaining games and amusements. Fun gifts for those you can live without.
The Hittman Chronicle
An offbeat journal of opinions on movies and current events.
How Can You Laugh at a Time Like This?
A libertarian political humor column by Willy Chaplin (Bruce Madison) and his wife Gypsy.
Al Ellsworth's editorial cartoons with a classical liberal slant.
Mind Tears Productions
Cartoons and comics satire on world politics. In Dutch and English. Updated at least once a week.
Moore's Laws of Bureaucracy
An essay on the nature of bureaucracie.
The People's Project
A satirical look at the soviet communist system, constructed as a high school English project.
Political Satire means
Collections of political satire, humor, and parody in a search format.
Political limericks lampooning the lunatic left, also includes a selection of free electronic postcards to mail.
The Random Stump Speech Synopsis Haiku Generator
Random generated synopsis of any campaign speech in only seventeen syllables, with a single click.
Scorched Earth Party
Includes platform, issue papers, FAQ, and how to make your enemies pay.
Smoker Dave. Com
Nearly Daily Commentary on news and politics in section Titled "Thoughts from a Smoke Filled Room". A little banner intensive but pithy.
Satirical slant on social and political issues.
Talking Pez Heads On Politics and Culture
Uses clever funny graphics to make some humorous political humor and statements.
WebRing: Diss This!
Political and other satire/parody.
Where the Truth Lies
Pictures of political figures with humorous commentary, with selected links to other sites.
World Ideologies With Reference to Cows
Examples of world ideologies such as socialism, communism, capitalism, and democracy. Uses cow management as a reference, except for surrealism.

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