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Philosophy of religion is a branch of metaphysics devoted to the analysis of religious phenomena, beliefs, movements etc. It is mostly concerned with evaluating religious claims, e.g., claims regarding the definition, the existence, "nature", and activities of God.

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Baylor University: Philosophy of Religion
Many links on religious philosophers and their impact through history. From a course taught by Scott Moore.
Descriptive and Formal Ontology: The Ontological Argument from Anselm to Gödel
A selected bibliography on the ontological argument, with particular attention to the historical and logical developments.
Gnostic Return in Modernity and Gnostic Apocalypse
Dermot Moran reviews this book by Cyril O'Regan. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
The God Who May Be: A Hermeneutics of Religion
Frances Gray reviews this book by Richard Kearney. From Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
The High Way
Weblog exploring beliefs relating to the existence of a God or gods (theism) and specifically the systematic development of the knowledge of God (theology).
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Ontological Argument
Article by Kenneth Einar Himma reviewing the argument's development through Anselm, Aquinas, Kant and Plantinga.
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania: Leading Scientists Still Reject God
Article by Donald Simanek considering the current theory that scientists are finding "evidence" allowing for God.
Of the Impossibility of an Ontological Proof of the Existence of God
A passage from Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
Philosophy of Religion
Explains and assesses the classical arguments for and against God's existence. Includes a section on divine command theory.
The Proceedings of the Friesian School: Philosophy of Religion
In the tradition of the Friesian School, this is a non-peer-reviewed electronic journal and archive of philosophy of religion edited by Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D.
The Prosblogion
Philosophy of religion blog written by professionals and graduate students.
Rudolf Steiner and Religion
The Religion Section of the Rudolf Steiner Archive presents some of the lectures and publications of Rudolf Steiner related to the Philosophy of Religion.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Descartes' Ontological Argument
Discussion of René Descartes' ontological proof of the existence of God. By Lawrence Nolan.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Immutability
Entry by Brian Leftow on the doctrine that God cannot undergo real change.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Omnipotence
The theistic thesis that God has maximal power. By Joshua Hoffman and Gary Rosenkrantz.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Ontological Arguments
A survey by Graham Oppy of arguments for God's existence that do not proceed from observation of the world around us.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Pascal's Wager
Argument due to Blaise Pascal for believing, or for at least taking steps to believe, in God. Encyclopedia entry by Alan Hájek.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Philosophy and Christian Theology
Michael Murray's discussion of philosophical implications of Christian theological views.
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Theological Voluntarism
Survey of divine command theory by Mark Murphy.
Theistic Philosophers on the Web
Links to individuals who classify themselves as both philosophers and theists.
Understanding the Ontological Argument
Article reviewing a number of formulations of, and objections to, this proof of God's existence. By Wade A. Tisthammer.
University of Notre Dame: Center for Philosophy of Religion
Established in 1976 to encourage philosophy that takes Christianity for granted, exploring the consequences of theism rather than questioning its basis.
University of Notre Dame: Jacques Maritain Center
Includes interviews, art, works, biography, and dictionaries.
Wabash College: Internet Guide to Philosophy and Religion
Collection of resources about philosophy of religion.
Western Kentucky University: Philosophical Views of God
Essay by Jan Garrett reviewing various philosophical perspectives on God, including the views of the Stoics, Augustine and Hartshorne.
Wikipedia: Gödel's Ontological Proof
Article on 20th-century logician Kurt Gödel's formulation of this argument for God's existence.

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