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The Cynic's Sanctuary
Online refuge for the world's disgruntled idealists. Includes Cynic Hall of Fame, dark-humored tirades, cynical definitions, and room for your own rants.
The Socrates Argument Clinic
Argue with the great philosopher in the style of the Monty Python sketch.
Brain in a Vat
Can bad men make good brains do bad things?
Dear Philosopher
Great philosophers offer advice to troubled readers.
Department of Philosophistry
Parodies of Wittgenstein (Tractatus Fuselagico-Umbilicus, Philosophical Tribulations) and Heidegger; some serious articles and book reviews on Wittgenstein.
Everything Else
Eclectic collection of serious and humorous academic disciplines, including student philosophical howlers.
Fish on a Bike
Everything you ever wanted to know about fish on bikes and how they have enriched our lives.
Gardon of Eadon
Philosophical cartoons and rants, movie reviews, the Feng Shui Hippo, and other fun stuff served with a dash of dark humour.
Meaning of Life
Randomly generated quotation and image combinations with the intent of producing a "quick and dirty" philosophy.
Peter's World Domination Quest
A world domination organization dedicated to the overthrow of all current world governments and the establishment of a totalitarian, Trotskyist, extremely bureaucratic new world government through political world domination.
Philosophical Clerihews
By Dean Zimmerman.
Philosophical Humor
Links to articles collected by David Chalmers.
Random Thoughts
This page displays a random thought that somebody else has entered into our thought database. Keep refreshing your page to see a new thought.
What's the meaning of life?
The ultimate question but what is the answer? Post your solution here.
Who Wants to be a Philosopher?
Humorous quiz game modelled after "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Also includes The Philosophy Generator.
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