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Micronations, sometimes known as unrecognized nations or ephemeral states, are countries which claim status as independent nations, but which lack diplomatic recognition by the world community. Many claim some physical land area as their national territory; others are non-territorial, existing only in the virtual world. These nations may represent true secessionist movements, experiments with political and governmental models, or extended jokes. The line between serious and whimsical micronations is often a thin one.

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A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace
Document written by John Perry Barlow declaring cyberspace independence.
How to Start Your Own Micronation
A how-to for starting your own micronation. Includes basics, government and diplomacy.
League of Micronations
An intermicronational organization that exists to promote diplomatic relations between micronations, express the opinion of the members of the intermicronational community, and to provide a place where all micronations can support each other.
League of Secessionist States
Organization focusing on uniting micronations in the same manner as the United Nations.
A wiki project documenting micronations, micronationalists, to keep the community growing.
MicroCon 2015
The next MicroCon will be in Atlanta, Summer 2017.
Micronation and Sovereignty Website Index
Links to micronations, including actual small states, governments in exile, sedition groups, new country projects, and fraudulent micronations.
Micronational Cartography Society
The authority for mapping on the fictional planet of Micras.
Micronational News
The intermicronational news service.
Micronational News Network
A source of news and general discussion for the micronationalist community.
Home to interactive geofictional (micronationalism) creative projects, all of them based in the world of Micras.
Model Countries and Micronations
Micronation resource. Includes a list of missing micronations.
My Way: Getting in touch with your inner Turkmenbashi
Article published in the Atlantic by Culleen Murphy which explores the world of micronations.
A New Land
Gathers resources and ideas on how to start a real micronation.
Nichtsburg et Zilchstadt
Coins from micronations and other unusual locales.
Virtual Nations
Article by Andrew Weiner discusses Freedonia, Aerica and other micronations.
What is Micronationalism?
An introduction covering the full breadth of the phenomenon.
The Week: The DIY despots of micronations, in photos
Matt Roth has been traveling to micronations around North America, documenting the land and the people that claim to rule them. (May 01, 2015)
NPR: MicroCon 2015: Leaders Of Self-Proclaimed Nations Meet In Southern California
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Kevin Baugh, founder of MicroCon, a conference of small, unrecognized nations and their self-proclaimed leaders. (April 10, 2015)
NY Daily News: Micronations conference brings together (fake) nations
MicroCon is the first U.S. gathering of micronations, those itty bitty countries nobody but the people who rule them believe exist. (April 10, 2015)

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