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Housing issues covers a spectrum of social and political issues that make it more difficult for people in different circumstances to acquire a home or rent an apartment. The causes of these problems can be quite varied, ranging from the property owner's or landlord's personal bias to the lack of affordable housing within a neighborhood to a lack of income opportunities. Emotional and drug issues can also impact a person's ability to obtain a job that would enable them to pay the rent. Or, a financial crisis may come up and a low-income family could have difficulties in obtaining a financial loan to cover immediate living expenses. The housing issues category contains sites that explain the problems, offers some solutions or lists organizations offering assistance to landlords and dwelling seekers about the laws pertaining to this issue.

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Almanac of Policy Issues: Housing
News, background information, and links on U.S. housing issues, including public housing, Section 8 vouchers, and rent control.
Australasian Housing Institute
Professional body for individual practitioners in the broad social housing sector in Australasia - linking social housing workers in Australia and New Zealand. Details of membership benefits, events and publications.
Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI)
A consortium of research centres funded by Australian State and Commonwealth Governments, as well as by member universities. Housing research publications.
Chartered Institute of Housing
A professional body for people working in housing in the United Kingdom. Promotes the provision and management of good quality, affordable housing.
Community Housing NSW
Resource for community housing providers and tenants in New South Wales.
Council for Affordable and Rural Housing
A national advocacy and educational association for individuals and businesses involved in the financing, development and management of affordable rural housing.
Housing and Housing Policy
Information from the UK Department for Communities and Local Government, concerning policy on housing issues.
Housing Assistance Council
Helps local organizations in rural America build affordable homes. Includes information about loans, technical assistance, training, links, publications and relevant articles.
Housing Information Gateway
Searchable international database on housing experts, organizations, events, bibliographies, and listservs that allows users to post additional information. Page uses frames.
Housing New Canadians Research Working Group
Research partnership focused on housing access and discrimination in the Toronto area. Research projects examine the housing search process used by immigrants and refugees, the quality and cost of the housing they obtain, the degree to which their housing needs are met, and the nature and extent of any housing-related discrimination.
Housing Studies Association
United Kingdom forum for housing related research and debate. Details of conference and events as well as recent publications from HSA.
Housing: A Basic Human Right
A presentation by Ken Kimmelman, Barbara Buehler Anthony Romeo, and Dale Laurin, arguing that Aesthetic Realism explains America's housing crisis, the cause, and the solution. Speakers, petition.
UK housing information resource, containing a social housing database, information and topical debate. Also includes an online maintenance manual.
Inside Housing
E-magazine concerned with social housing issues in the UK. Page includes news, feature articles and career job listings.
Joint Center for Housing Studies
The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University analyzes the ways in which housing policy and practices are shaped by economic and demographic trends.
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Independent development and social research charity, supporting a wide programme of research and development projects in housing, social care and social policy. Archives of Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee
Describes activities and history of MPRAC, a group of inner-city landlords, offering its view of tenant-landlord issues and the treatment of landlords by the local government and news media.
Self-Help Enterprises
Providing technical services and support, helping families and communities compete for financial resources and empowering people to be leaders. Includes current programs, how to join, FAQ and related links.
Information on all squatted buildings and areas around the world. An international forum on squatted houses, squatting and carsides.
United Nations Centre for Human Settlements - Habitat (UNCHS)
Analyses and studies human settlement patterns, and develops methods for controlled settlement with the preservation of the environment in mind.

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