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Internet Crime Complaint Center
A partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). Alerts for consumers and easy-to-use reporting mechanism for fraud. Formerly the Internet Fraud Complaint Center.
The Anatomy of Clickbot.A
Provides a detailed case study of the architecture of the Clickbot.A botnet that attempted a low-noise click fraud attack against syndicated search engines. The botnet of over 100,000 machines was controlled using a HTTP-based botmaster. - Fraud Guide
Consumer guide to preventing and fighting eBay, escrow, auto, internet, cashiers check, and Nigerian scams. Tips on how to spot phony escrow companies and report the scammers.
Accepts and lists reports on dating scammers, for the UK. Offers the ability to check existing people and help make the UK dating scene a better place.
Cyber Criminals Most Wanted
Overview of cyber criminal activity that includes safety, security, viruses, scams, filtering, encryption, hackers and government legislation.
Computer crime section of the Department of Justice contains links relating to internet commerce, intellectual property crimes, cybercrimes and general information.
Digital Age Fraud
Central source of information about the Digital Age Cyprus MasterCard/Visa fraudulent charge.
How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams
Securities and Exchange Commission information about investment fraud.
Internet Fraud
Department of Justice site includes information defining Internet fraud, what to do about it, and where to go to get more information.
National Fraud Information Center
Provides a page devoted to Internet fraud.
Romance Scams
Information about people who use dating sites or social networks to con victims out of money. Peer support for those who have been tricked.
Scam Victims United
Information on scams and support from other victims.
Extensive information on fraud, scams, hoaxes, urban legends and credit card fraud. Free e-zine and reports.
Information on dating fraud plus an archive of emails, documents and pictures. Membership required for some features.
Extensive resource for identifying and debunking computer virus hoaxes and myths.
Consumer protection service site provides means to register complaints, free ShopAssured download alerts shoppers when entering e-commerce site, free reports on business's consumer performance.
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