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This category contains sites dealing with abortion issues. The terms "pro-life" and "pro-choice" are used for subcategories because that is how each group refers to itself. They are defined as follows: Pro-Choice: Believing that abortion is a right and should be legal under most or all circumstances. Usually implies a belief that the human fetus has no rights, or greatly abridged ones. Pro-Life: Believing that abortion is a violation of the rights of the pre-born child. Usually implies a belief that abortion should be illegal under most or all circumstances. In addition, there are some relatively neutral sites which are not placed in either category.

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The Abortion Debate
One person's attempt to take a rational look at the abortion debate, exposing flaws in the arguments on both sides. This is the preface from The Abortion Debate, a booklet for sale.
Abortion Debates and Polls
Pro and Con forum.
Abortion Law Development: A Brief Overview
An overview of legislative issues and court rulings affecting the abortion issue, including federal funding of abortion, partial birth abortion, parental notification, and spousal consent.
Abortion Policies: A Global Review
United Nations Population Division report on abortion laws and policies around the world, including a country-by-country survey. [Documents are in PDF and DOC formats.]
Abortion: All Sides of the Issue site describes the issues and various religious and ethical perspectives.
Abortion: History of Abortion in the United States
Article on the history of abortion in the United States, plus links to further information on abortion in the US and around the world. Includes prochoice and prolife links.
Almanac of Policy Issues: Abortion
News, background information, and links on abortion policy, including Roe v. Wade, RU-486, fetal tissue research, and related issues.
Fetal Psychology
Research study published in Psychology Today (Oct. 1998) addresses the relative developmental capabilities of the human fetus at particular gestation points. Relevant to abortion considerations.
Frontline: Abortion Clinic
A PBS archived documentary on an abortion clinic in Chester, Pennsylvania, along with an investigation on the women who went there and why. (April 18, 1983)
The Guardian - Abortion
Collected news, analysis and commentary about the topic.
Is it Possible to be both "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice"?
Essay by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan seeking a middle ground in the abortion debate.
Just Facts - Abortion
Large collection of short "facts" about scientific, constitutional, political and other aspects of the abortion debate. Fully footnoted to identify the sources of the information.
The New York Times - Abortion
Collection of recent and archived news and commentary, photos, multimedia and selected web resources.
On Abortion: A Lincolnian Position
Principled yet pragmatic, Lincoln's stand on slavery offers a basis for a new politics of civility that is at once anti-abortion and pro-choice. Published in the Atlantic Monthly, September 1995.
Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Supreme Court verdict on five provisions of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act of 1982.
Pro Choice Talk
An issue neutral, free public forum organization for abortion debate. Contains articles, essays, member posted facts, quotes and different views on the legal abortion issue.
Respect for Life
An organization that calls itself anti-abortion yet pro-choice, and seeks to keep abortion legal and lessen it through increased birth control initiatives.
Roe v. Wade (1973)
The U.S. Supreme Court decision which struck down many state laws restricting abortion. At the Legal Information Institute (Cornell University).
Should Abortion Be Legalised in Queensland, Australia?
Student's argumentative essay on the social issues and legislation on abortion in the state of Queensland, Australia, including links to related sites.
Stenberg v. Carhart
U.S. Supreme Court opinions on the controversial Nebraska partial-birth abortion case. Hosted by Cornell's Legal Information Institute.
Summary of Abortion Laws Around the World
Gives abortion laws and restrictions in over 192 nations and territories.
Wall Street Journal - Abortion
News articles and commentary relating to the topic.

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