Covers the development of science within a regional, topical, social or political context. Many scientific discoveries were influenced or hindered by the political and cultural climate of the times.

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A Science and Technology Odyssey
Timeline of the history of science and technology from 20,000 BC to 1800.
4000 Years of Women in Science
Women's contributions to Science, from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century.
The Alchemy Web Site
Comprehensive library of imagery, symbols, music, alchemical texts and commentary. Includes course material in practical alchemy, bibliography, and modern day resources.
Ancient Greece: Science and Technology
Discusses early inventions, such as calculating devices, machines using gears, steam engines, war technology, and town planning. Some mathematicians included are Thales, Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, and Appolonius. Some topical concepts covered are astronomical discoveries, prime numbers, evolution of the species, and measuring the circumference of the earth.
Ancient Greek Science
Learn about the scientists of ancient Greece, what they have contributed to science, and information about their background.
Australian Science Archives Project - ASAPWeb
Aims to improve access to Australia's scientific, technological and medical heritage by helping to preserve records and artifacts and communicating the existence of this heritage to a wide audience. Includes scientist biographies.
Birr Castle Demesne
A science museum in Ireland devoted to the astronomical, engineering botantical and photographical work of the Parsons family.
Britain and the Rise of Science
Lisa Jardine investigates the origins of the commitment to science as the firm basis for Britain's success in commerce and industry. From the BBC.
Calendars Through the Ages
History and FAQs of various calendars, including Julian, Gregorian, Jewish, Islamic, Chinese, and Mayan. Astronomy, years, months, and days of the week.
Commentary on the Effects of Electricity on Muscular Motion
Facsimile of Galvani's original and an English translation.
Darwin-L Archives on the Historical Sciences
Archives of messages and supporting materials from this professional discussion group on the history and theory of the historical sciences.
Daylight Saving Time
History from Benjamin Franklin to the present. U.S. law and practice. Worldwide time change dates.
Echo Science and Technology Virtual Center
Annotated catalogue of history of science, technology, and medicine resources.
Epact: Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe
Online database of medieval and Renaissance scientific instruments made before 1600 A.D. held at four European museums.
Events in Science, Mathematics and Technology
Neil Brandt's timeline covers historic highlights from classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, astronomy, cosmology, mathematics, and technology. [PDF]
The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920
Documents the historical formation and cultural foundations of the movement to conserve and protect America's natural heritage.
Faith and Reason.
On the historical interactions of science and religion. (From PBS.)
Green Lion Press
Independent book publisher specializing in history of mathematics and history of science. Includes information on ordering, books available, and how to contact them.
H-Net Child
History of Childhood and Youth
The History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine
Long list of internet resources in the field of the history of science.
History of Evolutionary Thought
A timeline with information on major contributors to biology, geology, and paleontology from Aristotle up to the 20th century. From the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology.
History of Russian Science
Virtual guide which includes article archives, bibliography, journals, institutiona and news.
History of Science
Book reviews from The Bactra Review.
A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom
Complete text of the 1896 classic by Andrew Dickson White.
In Our Time: Science Archive
BBC Radio 4 series in which Sir Melvyn Bragg discusses a topic in the history of ideas with a trio of experts. This page indexes the discussions on science, both historical and contemporary, for online listening.
Institute and Museum of History of Science - Florence, Italy
The museum and web site are particularly rich resources for the life and work of Galileo.
International Commission on History of Meteorology
Information about the commission and about meetings discussion the history of meteorology.
International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science - HOPOS
Promote serious, scholarly research on the history of the philosophy of science. Includes news and events.
International Union of History and Philosophy of Science - Division of History of Science and Technology
Information on the organization, together with a links page and listings of upcoming conferences.
Internet History of Science Sourcebook
Links to documents and Web resources pertaining to the history of science including original texts from great scientific thinkers.
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Scientific Revolution
Primary sourcebook intended to serve the needs of teachers and students in college survey courses in modern European history and American history.
Islamic Alchemy in the Context of Islamic Science
Focus on chemistry, botany and medicine with overviews in other areas.
Museum of Microscopy
Virtual museum of microscopes, ranging from the earliest 16th century European instruments to modern microscopes from around the world.
Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford
Library catalog, image library, and numerous virtual exhibits available online.
Muslim Scientists, Mathematicians and Astronomers Before European Renaissance, 700-1500 C.E.
Historical review of the Muslim contribution to humanity and Islamic Civilization. Gives biographies of scientists and describes their contributions and influence on European thought and discoveries.
Nobel e-Museum
Biographies and Nobel Lectures of the prizewinners, from the Nobel Foundation.
Office of NIH History
Foster documentation, preservation, and interpretation of the history of the National Institutes of Health. Features online exhibits, education, and historical resources.
Reviews of History of Science books
Reviews, by Danny Yee, of a range of books on the history of science, mostly popular titles.
A Science Odyssey
Presents the people and the discoveries of 20th century science and technology in a variety of accessible, and interactive Web features. Based on the PBS television series.
Science Timeline
A chronology from the 7th millennium BC to the present day, with brief explanations of events in the history of western natural philosophy and sciences.
Some Early Microscopes from the Optical Institute in Wetzlar
Carl Kellner founded what was named the Optical Institute in Wetzlar Germany in 1849. By 1851 he employed twelve workmen and was producing his first microscopes.
Today in Science History
Memorializes births and deaths of famous and not so famous scientists of the past, and other events in science history. Searchable.
Victorian Science
Science in the 19th century. Overview plus much specific information on themes, disciplines, and individuals.
Who Invented the Thermometer?
Timeline showing the development of the thermometer from Galileo to Kelvin.

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