This category is for two kinds of sites. The first are sites that utilize media to promote grassroots social activism. The second are the ones that protest specific media sources. There is a fine line between having a site that criticizes a specific source and one that promotes activism in opposition to it. However, if your site is more of a critical examination of a media source (or sources) than an activist one, it should be submitted to Media: Analysis and Opinion. In addition, if your site is more oriented towards educating the public in how to consume the media in general, it should be submitted to Media Literacy. Also, if your site promotes the "public interest" generally, and is not tied to any specific issue, it may belong here. It also should also be submitted to Media: Public Interest.

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Alliance for Community Media - USA
From a nonprofit organization, includes mission statement, about the group, listserv, marketing opportunities, current events, merchandise for sale, resources, recommended links and contact information.
American Forum
From a nonprofit organization; includes state forums, services offered, article archive, how to get involved and contact information.
the Big Stink Guide
Weblog with commentary about current events that concern speech.
Cause Communications
From a consulting group for activists and non-profit organizations; includes beginner's guide to communicating, resources, services offered, client list, staff members and books for sale.
Cine Rebelde
A non-profit, multi-lingual site that includes movies, videoclips and DVDs on social movements.
Citizen Journalist
From a network of contributors, includes images, commentary, videos, FAQ and contact information.
Citizens for Media Literacy
Non-profit organization linking media literacy with the concepts and practices of citizenship. Includes suggested reading and contact information.
Civic Media
From a group of Romanian journalists, includes mission statement, structure, proposals and contact information.
Film Industry Reform Movement
An international association concerned with "propaganda effects" of the US film industry. Mission statement, commentary, forums, press releases, recommended links, topics for further research, listserv, bookstore and how to volunteer.
Free Press
From an organization promoting decentralization in broadcasting. Includes how to help, a list of organizations, breaking news, issues of concern and a calendar of events.
Free Speech Television Network
An independent, 24-hour television network with progressive news, stories and perspectives. A non-profit, public interest network.
Fresh Green Blog
From an alliance of people who favor the Green party. Upcoming events, links and archives.
Friends of the ABC
From a group defending the independence of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Includes newsletter, talking points about advertising, the Board of Directors and funding; a discussion forum, contact information and how to submit information.
Commentary, images, video and contact information pertaining to Google's relationship with China.
Global Voices
From a non-profit organization of bloggers, includes commentary, translated commentaries, RSS feeds, links and contact information.
Purpose of the site, examples of work and contact information.
Holding Hollywood Accountable
A group which supports voluntary change by the entertainment industry in favor of portraying less violence. Introduction, recommended links, forums and contact information.
Jean Kilbourne
Biography, calendar, latest releases, description of her lecture content, about her films, awards, resources, opportunities and contact information.
Lying Media Bastards
Includes news, resources, recommended links and rants from radio talk-show host Jake Sexton.
The Meadiae Trust
A company striving to improve the lives of rural Africans. Goals, details about the organization, current and past projects, methodology, forums and staff members.
Media Alliance
A nonprofit resource and training center. About the organization, history, news, commentary, recommended links, archives, class schedules, how to become a member, special events and contact information.
Media Education
About the organization, vision, portfolio, forum, projects, current news and contact information.
Media Education Foundation
From a nonprofit organization, includes mission statement, the group's history, contact information and previews of videos for sale.
Media Matters: Media Transparency
Commentary, analysis and investigative data related to links between prominent conservative think-tanks and their funding sources.
The Media Oasis
Information on conferences, a directory of Arab journalists and publishers, information on the National Arab Journalists Association, commentary, a bookstore and recommended links.
Media Reform Ideas For a Better Australian Media
From Terry and Hazel Giesecke; includes overview of concerns, history of the movement, proposals for reform, recommended links and contact information.
From a UK-based committee; includes press releases, newsletters, publications, petitions, letters, contacts and recommended links.
Morality in Media
Commentary, resources and current developments from a national interfaith organization which seeks to combat obscenity and to uphold decency standards in mass communications.
MTV Act Blog
News and information about political activism.
About the organization, commentary, forums, images and links to media sources.
Northern Visions
Training, access and production for independent, grass roots and community based media and art projects. Provides information on workshops, funding, services and facilities.
Occupy Los Angeles News
Contains a blog, a mechanism to upload media, link to resources, past publications and photos.
Planet Earth Media
From a nonprofit public service agency; includes their history, services offered, success stories, who their clients are, a client application form and their Board of Directors.
PMW Palestine Media Watch
From an Israeli research group monitoring Palestinian media. How to use the site, contact information, an online fax-sending capability, news, commentary, issues of concern, archives, staff members, talking points, a message board, recommended links, how to volunteer, how to donate and a booklet for sale.
Progressive Portal
From a group of volunteer contributors. Fax letters, forums, recommended links, download flyers, feedback, purchase merchandise and donate online.
Radio For All
An association of grassroots radio broadcasters. About the group, selected audio, upload facility for new audio, contact information and how to donate.
From an online community; includes streaming video, a weblog, e-books, forums, chat, FAQ and contact information.
Statement of purpose, about the group, group biographies, commentary, technical information.
Underground Advertising
An advertising agency for nonprofits. Who they are, previous clients, services offered, recent publicity, staff members, opportunities and contact information.
Voices of Hope Productions
From an all women, NJ-based, video production company; includes portfolio, marketing strategies, special programs and information about film festivals.
Mission statement, how it works, employment opportunities and contact information.
World Campaign
From the Planet Earth Foundation. Includes vision and motivational statements, commentary on a variety of issues, videos and images of public service announcements, recommended links, listserv, a forum and how to contribute.
The Zapatista Social Netwar in Mexico
A report for sale explaining the tactics of "netwar" (i.e., communicating grassroots ideas) using the Zapatista rebellion in Mexico as an instructive example.
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