The category of Books within Investing Publications is intended for the seminal, major, or widely accepted books or their descriptions by professionals in the field. This is NOT a category for the latest, greatest, "hot tips," or other, possibly transient publications.

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About Online Trading
From computer setup to trader psychology. Illustrated book written for both beginning and experienced traders.
Be Your Own Fund Manager
Offers three e-book modules on how to search and find opportunities to buy shares with growth prospects. Module summaries and FAQ.
The Billion Dollar Mistake
This book is based upon original research and interviews with legendary investors who discuss the most significant trade or investment that went against them.
Business Models
Book that deploys 129 business models to empower an outside investor to analyse the internal competitive advantage of companies and sectors.
Essentials of Trading
Books, courses, classes and seminars for beginning stock and forex investors.
Harriman House
Distributor and publisher of books on investment and trading in the UK.
If It Doesn't Go Up, Don't Buy It
Mutual fund investment guide.
Inside the Black Box
This book explains how quantitative trading strategies work in a straightforward and accessible style as well as how quantitative strategies can fit into a portfolio.
Intelligent Stock Trading
A how to guide with instructions on screening, buying and selling stocks.
Investor's Guide to Nanotechnology and Micromachines
Glenn Fishbine shows investors where and how to find nanotech investment opportunities.
JJJ Investing Services
Books, software and reports on stock investing.
Meridian Press
Books on oil and gas investment for investors, landowners and petroleum industry professionals.
No Risk Investor
Offers tax lien and deed resources and tools such as webinars, county lists, property lists, investor forum, coaching, etc.
Reluctant Millionaires
Book for non-professional stock market investors; consulting, education, and coaching.
Risk Books
Publisher of books and reports for the financial risk management and derivatives markets, specialising in operational risk, credit, hedge funds and energy risk.
Rogue Investor
Various real estate and stock investment courses, newsletters, videos and books.
Smart Finance
Books on the W.D.Gann method, technical analysis, fibonacci principle, future and option trading and various online software tools.
Stock Market Explorer
Stock forecasts and instructions on how to use them.
Traders Library
Offers investment and stock market trading books on subjects such as candlestick charting, commodity and day trading, fibonacci, futures and options trading, swing and short term trading.
TradeWins Publishing
Books for beginning to advanced investors covering futures, options and day trading.
Books on day trading, swing trading, Forex trading, options trading and E-mini trading.
Commodity and stock trading books by Peter Bain.
Trident Press
Investment, wealth creation, privacy and underground information books.
Wiley Publishing
Publisher of print and electronic products. Large selection of academic, institutional, and private investor related books.
Windsor Books
Publishers and distributors of investment books and videos.
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