Retailers offering tea (Camellia sinensis) in loose-leaf and/or teabag form. Sites may also offer teapots and other preparation accessories, teatime foods, herbal infusions, and/or other related products.

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AC Perch's Tea Shop
Fine teas and accessories for six generations. Shop located in Denmark; shipping worldwide. In English, Danish, and German.
Acquired Taste
Purveyor of Canadian tea and tea accessories.
Adagio Teas
Many tea varieties of loose tea, tea ware and information on its history.
Offering current year premium tea.
Arbor Teas
Organic and fair trade certified loose teas, many single-region and single-estate teas, also sells herbal teas and blends.
Argo Tea
Offers signature loose teas and blends from around the world, teaware, and specialty foods. [Best viewed in IE, does not work in all browsers]
Artisan's Cup
Custom blended loose leaf black and green tea, as well as private labels. Also offering wholesale.
Ashworth Tea
Offerings from China, Japan, Darjeeling, Assam and Kenya.
Assam Tea Company
Grower, importer and master blender of organic and bio-dynamic teas, herbs and spices catering to wholesale and retail buyers.
Online retailer of teas, including oolong, green, black, white, and pu-erh. Also sells teaware, herbal teas, and Ayurvedic blends. Based in Vancouver, Canada; ships to US and Canada.
Bamboo Tea House
Oriental styled vendor of tea and tea information.
Barnes & Watson Fine Teas
Classic teas, hand-crafted in the tradition of the old world. Offices located in Seattle WA.
Bigelow Tea
Brand name teas and accessories.
Black Dragon Teas
Distributor of loose leaf green oolong teas.
Blue Moon Tea
Gourmet tea shop, imported teas and teatime foods from the UK. Teapots, tea accessories, tea gift boxes and baskets.
The Boulder Teahouse
Order a variety of teas from this tearoom located in Boulder, Colorado.
British Express
Extensive selection of brand-name teas imported from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales. Teapots and accessories.
California Tea House
Online retailer of loose-leaf teas and custom tea blends.
Camden Tea Shop
Sells artisan leaves from around the world, and accessories such as strainers, jars, pots, cups and saucers. Located in London, UK.
Canton Tea Co
UK Based company specializing in loose tea from China and Taiwan.
Capital Tea
Fine teas and teaware from around the world. Shipping worldwide.
Carrington Teas
Sells black, green, white, rooibos and herbal teas in tea bags.
Celestial Seasonings
Teas, herbal infusions, accessories, and health-oriented products. Print-out colouring book for the kids.
China Mist
Offering several varieties of flavoured and plain iced tea and herbals, as well as gift baskets. Site provides a history of tea and fun stuff for kids.
Choi Time
Offers green, rose bud, and chrysanthemum flower teas. Also tea pots and Chinese drinking glasses.
Choice Organic Teas
Branded organic teas.
Culinary Teas
Purveyors of a large selection and wide variety of loose teas as well as tea accessories and teapots.
Cup of Tea
A number of traditional black and green teas, flavoured varieties as well as fruit and herbal infusions.
Daintree Tea Company
Provides leaf and bag tea, grown and processed on the family-owned plantation in North Queensland, Australia. Includes wholesale order form and links for the United States and Canada.
Design In Mind, Inc.
A large selection of teas, cozies, teapots and accessories.
Dilmah Tea
Fresh unblended pure Ceylon tea.
Organic and bio-dynamic loose teas, chai, and herbal infusions.
Suppliers of loose tea herbs fruits and spices.
East-West Natural Herbs
Offering raw and medium roast green tea, includes product benefits.
Ego Tea Company
Loose-leaf teas, including pure and flavored teas, herbal teas, and teaware.
Elmwood Inn
Specialty teas, accessories, and teatime treats.
Empire Tea Services
Premium teas and accessories online, and Columbus Inn Tea Room in Indiana.
Empress Tea Company
A selection of premium teas from around the world.
Encompass USA
A variety of teas available in bags or loose. Also sells tea cups and mugs.
Offers a collection of loose teas, including oolong and rooibos, as well as a selection of tea sets and other accessories.
Estate Tea Company
Fine and single-estate teas from around the world. Volume purchasing discounts. Teapots and accessories; tea starter kits.
Far Leaves Tea
Premium loose-leaf teas. Green, oolong, and black teas from China, Japan, Taiwan, and India. Blends, flavoured teas, and herbal infusions.
Floating Leaves Tea
Carries a small line of select artisan teas from China and Taiwan.
The Fragrant Leaf
Full-leaf teas, brewing accessories and unique tea gifts.
G.H. Ford Tea Company
Selling tea since 1909. Provides custom blended, traditional and flavored teas.
Generation Tea
Provides you with a nice selection of quality Chinese teas and tea wear at competitive prices.
Golden Moon Tea
Offering a selection of plain and flavored loose teas in tins. Includes a club, newsletter and wholesale information.
Purveyors of loose bulk Chinese teas. Located in Hong Kong.
Gray & Seddon
Premium black, green and oolong teas, most of which are not obtainable elsewhere. Scented teas and herbal infusions. Authentic Yixing clay teapots.
Green Tea Lovers
Green and white tea site with health benefits and resource information.)
Grey's Teas
Offering loose teas, traditional blends including Earl Grey, black, green, oolong, herbal and flavored tea.
Griffith Enterprises
Ashbys Teas of London teas and gift baskets.
Hale Tea Company
A source for fine teas and a selection of colonial style gift tea collections.
Harney & Sons Fine Teas
Fine loose teas, including darjeeling, earl grey, chai, organic green, and oolong. Iced tea and herbal infusions. Teapots, teatime treats, and accessories.
Hellens Tea
Supplier of Ceylon tea. Describes growing regions, tea packaging and wholesale details.
Herbal Republic
A good selection of teas including herbals and tea accessories based in Canada.
Private plantation tea from in Kyoto, Japan. $35 order minimum.
Imperial Tea Court
Founded by Grace and Roy Fong in San Francisco and offers online shopping for fine Asian teas, teapots, and accessories.
Imperial Tea Garden
Offers a selection of loose and compressed teas.
In Pursuit of Tea, Inc.
Premium pure, unscented tea leaves. Green, black, oolong, white and pu-erh teas. Teapots, tea storage accessories, and gifts.
Oolong, green, and white looseleaf teas. Also offers florals.
Indigo Tea Co.
Provides a selection of teas and tea accessories as well as kettles and teapots.
ITO EN North America Inc.
Offers a selection of teas, teaware and rare finds from around the world.
Japanese Green Tea Online
Green teas plus information on harvesting, preparation, and the health benefits of tea. Japanese teapots and tea sets.
Kyela Teas
Kyela Teas imports a wide selection of all grades of Darjeeling Teas of premium whole leaf grades, grown on the high altitude slopes of the District of Darjeeling, India.
Lana's the Little House
A selection of loose leaf black, green, white, oolong, rooibos, and chai teas, and accessories, from the teashop in New York.
Le Palais des Thés
Offering teas from around the world along with accessories. Includes information about the history and types of tea, tea ceremonies and tea school. [English, French, German]
Life in Teacup
Teas from China and Taiwan, oolongs and others, sourced directly from their region of production; offerings include single-harvest teas and competition winners.
M & P's Tea
Single estate teas and blends shipped worldwide. Office located in Japan.
Madura Tea Estates
Provides a small selection of teas grown in Australia.
Mark T. Wendell
Tea importers offering a fine selection of gourmet teas and accessories, specializing in Hu-Kwa tea.
Mighty Leaf Tea
Wide selection of teas from custom blends to loose leaf greens, oolongs, whites, and blacks, plus tisanes, from most tea growing regions around the world.
Mootz Run Ltd.
Offers a selection of teas, tea accessories, teapots, teapot jewelry, and teapot cozies.
Mrs. Kelly's Custom Blended Teas
Imported varieties, scented, and blended family tea recipes. Preparation methods, recipes, and event calendar.
Narien Teas
Online tea store offering loose leaf teas, tisanes, and teaware, including teas from Hawaii.
Nature's Choice Pure Ceylon Tea
Select high mountain grown, single estate, premium grade, plantation fresh, unblended Ceylon tea
Premium Japanese green teas, teapots, teacups and storage accessories.
The Old Curiosity Tea Shop
A selection of teas and accessories based in Canada,
Dedicated to the art of high mountain Taiwanese Oolong tea.
Original Ceylon Tea Company
Flavoured teas from Sri Lanka in loose and bag form. Organic fair trade teas from Needwood Organic Teas.
Ostfriesen Tea & Porzellan Shop
Ostfriesen tea, porcelain teapots, tea service, and accessories imported from Germany. Article on Ostfriesen tea-drinking tradition.
Penelope's Tea Time
English teas from Whittard of Chelsea. English-style cozies, teapots and teacups, and silver tea accessories.
Perennial Tea Room
Offers a selection of teas, teapots and tea accessories.
Premium Steap Tea Store
A selection of teas and tisanes plus custom gift baskets, and tea accessories.
Qi Botanical Tea (Canada) Ltd.
Over 250 loose teas, custom blends, teabags, iced tea, chai, ginseng. Importer and blender of green, black, herbal and fruit tisanes.
Ramsbury Tea Company
Also sells gifts and accessories. Based in the UK.
Red Blossom Tea Company
Direct importer of teas with a focus on Chinese teas; sells tea and teaware online and in a family-owned shop in San Francisco's Chinatown.
Red RoseTea
Old and well-known Canadian brand of tea. Website sells teas as well as figurines, and also list local stores selling the tea.
The Republic of Tea
Purveyor of premium and wellness teas, herbs and teaware.
Revolution Tea Company
Loose leaf tea blends combining teas, fruits, herbs, spices, and natural flavorings.
Black, green, oolong, white, organic, and flavored teas. Rare and exotic teas. Unusual teaware and storage containers.
Rose Tree Cottage
House blends and imported British teas, accessories, and teatime treats. Specialty tours of Britain, and information on the serving of afternoon tea. Tea room located in Pasadena, CA.
Salada Tea
Salada brand tea products.
Sells a variety of Darjeeling tea.
Purveyor of many different teas, tisanes and tea accessories.
Seven Cups
Offers loose leaf certified organic teas.
Shan Shui Teas
Specializing in Taiwanese oolong teas, Korean green teas, Yixing teapots, and teaware for gongfu tea. Site includes brewing instructions.
Shanti Tea
Canada-based tea company specializing in fair trade, organic, and biodynamic teas, including single-region teas from unusual sources. Ships to the US and Canada.
Shizuoka Green Tea
Provides Japanese green tea exclusively from Shizuoka Prefecture.
Silk Road Teas
Importer of fine and rare full-leaf specialty and organic teas from China.
Silver Plume Tea Room
Offers a selection of antiques and a tea room serving breakfast, lunch, baked goods, and loose-leaf teas.
Silver Tips Tea Room
Imported and gourmet teas, accessories, gift baskets, samplers, and "Tea of the Month" club.
Over 180 fine teas and blends, tisanes, herbals, and rooibos. Chai and mate. Storage accessories.
The Stash Tea Company
Loose and bagged teas and infusions, tea accessories. Multilingual site.
Strand Tea Company
Supplier of premium, specialty, organic, and herbal tea as well as tea accessories to individuals, businesses, and offices.
Tao of Tea
Offering a selection of loose leaf teas, teapots, cups and brewing implements.
Tao Tea Leaf
Toronto based retailer of loose leaf teas, with a focus on Chinese teas, also selling herbals and flavored teas.
Te Teas
Whole leaf teas and a wide selection of handcrafted Yixing teaware imported directly from China.
Tea 'N' Teas
An online tea boutique which offers teas from around the world.
Tea Affair
Broad selection of green teas, black teas and tea accessories.
Tea Chai Te
a Tea Bar in Portland, Oregon with tea and teapots available online.
The Tea Emporium
Provides a wide variety of loose leaf teas and accessories.
Tea Forte
Teas in unique pyramid infusers, and loose teas. Website also sells other accessories.
Tea Fountain
Carrying loose leaf teas, herbal infusions, teapots, and flavored honey.
Tea Guys, LLC
Features loose leaf varieties, as well as accessories and gift packaging. Wholesale and custom labeling available.
The Tea Haus
Provides a selection of loose teas and various accessories.
The Tea House
Imports and blends fine teas; also a selection of traditional Chinese earthenware pots.
The Tea Room
A variety of teas and tea time treats.
The Tea Spot
Offers a selection of loose leaf blended and herbal teas.
The Tea Table
Offering premium loose leaf teas for hot and iced tea, a tea of the month club, and gift sets for tea lovers.
Tea Time
Choose from more than 100 teas, tisanes, and herbal blends. Experience exotic and rare teas from around the world. Purchase tea-related merchandise.
Tea World
Fine and packaged teas, rooibos, and infusions. Tea-flavour candies and teatime treats. Shipping worldwide. In English and German.
TeaCenter Alliance
Offers a variety of gourmet, single garden, and herbal teas. Ships internationally.
Teahouse Kuan Yin
Features black, green, oolong and herbal tisanes.
Premium teas and tisanes online. Also three tea houses in Washington DC.
A complete tea site, tea terms, tea history and a menu of over 120 teas.
Offers a wide selection of imported Japanese teas.
Offers leaf tea in silken mesh pyramid tea pods.
Teas Etc.
Featuring premium loose leaf teas; Black, Green, Oolong, and Tisanes (herbal).
Retail distributor of fine teas from around the world, kettles, and accessories.
Sells a variety of Chinese Green, Black, Oolong, White and Herbal teas.
Fresh loose leaf green, black, white, oolong, rooibos, and chai teas. Also a large array of teapots and teaware.
Ten Ren Tea
An extensive and unique selection of Green, Oolong, Pouchong, Jasmine, herbal teas and other related products. Founded in 1953 with over 120 stores worldwide, teas now available by mail order.
TenRen's Tea
Brand name teas including Ten Ren.
Thompson's Fine Teas
Oolong, black, green, white, display, and organic loose-leaf teas. Decaf, herbals, and flavoured blends. Teaware and gifts.
Thunderbolt Tea
Broad selection of single-estate, single-harvest loose Darjeeling teas, including unusual offerings such as Darjeeling oolong and white teas.
Tiger Mt Tea Co
Offering loose teas, herbs, accessories, and gift items. Includes product and wholesale information.
Todd and Holland Tea Merchants
Offers loose-leaf teas and accessories.
A tea boutique offering over 120 loose tea varieties along with tea ceramics and other accessories. Located in Canada.
Tribute Tea Company
Fine teas, Chinese herbs, teaware, incense, books, and music. Featuring green tea, oolong, Puerh, Darjeeling, and other international specialty teas.
Twinings Tea
One of the oldest brand names in the world.
Two Hills Tea
Organic and early spring green teas.
Un Amour des Thes
Offers more than 150 varieties of teas. Site in English and French.
Upton Tea Imports
Offers a variety of teas and accessories. Includes history and gift selections.
Virtuous Teas
Provides a selection of black, oolong, green, herbal, and estate teas and accessories.
WaghBakri Tea
Sales of specialty and organic teas from India.
White Lion Tea
Offer a wide selection of gourmet iced teas, traditional teas, and tea accessories.
Whittard of Chelsea
English teas and teaware items, famous in Britain and British territories, now available in the United States.
Yunnan Sourcing
Direct shipping from China. Huge selection of Pu-erh tea, including aged Pu-erh. Also sells some black, white, oolong, and green teas, and some teaware.
Green tea and brewing information from Japan.
Zhi Tea
Whole leaf, organic and fair trade certified teas; also sells teaware and gift baskets.

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