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Known by other scientists as the "Dismal Science," this field makes a serious effort to study and describe:
The production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of wealth and the various related issues (problems) of labor, finance, taxation, currencies, the political arena as it relates to the above areas of goods and services.
Although interest in economic theories dates to the origins of commerce itself, economics as a modern study independent of moral or political philosophy is attributed to the Scottish writer Adam Smith (1723-1790). The ideas put forth in his seminal work, Wealth of Nations, form the basis of "classical" economic theory and free-market capitalism.

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Information for economists provided by the American Economic Association. Includes electronic editions of the American Economic Review, the Journal of Economic Literature and the Journal of Economic Perspectives as well as the internet guide Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE).
Best Cities
A research project which aims to create a central database of all accessible statistics in Europe on the sub-city, city, sub-regional, regional and national levels, in order to facilitate cross-border comparisons of quality of life aspects between the different EU nations.
Council of Economic Advisers
A three member council that analyzes and interprets economic developments and advises the President of the United States on national economic policy. Publishes Economic Report of the President, Monthly Economic Indicators and other analysis and data.
Online tutorials covering both microeconomics and macroeconomics.
Dismal Scientist, The -
Provides economic analysis, financial outlook, and global data.
Economic calendar covering events such as US Treasury announcements, economic indicators and international banking holidays
Economics at
Offers feature articles, links, and glossary.
Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World (EDIRC)
Listing maintained by Christian Zimmermann of the University of Connecticut
Economics in the news
Provides links to hundreds of articles appearing in the popular press and relating economics to everyday life.
A central index of economics working papers.
The International Finance Corporation
IFC is a member of the World Bank Group. It finances and provides advice for private sector ventures and projects in developing countries in partnership with private investors and, through its advisory work, helps governments create conditions that stimulate the flow of both domestic and foreign private savings and investment.
JEL Classifications
Journal of Economic Literature Classification System.
Job Openings for Economists (JOE)
Published every month except January and July. The online version is generally available on the 5th of the month. Provided by the American Economic Association. Listings are alphabetical and by institution that is offering the position(s).
Library of Economics and Liberty
Provides concise encyclopedia, classic texts, articles, and data links by topic.
Links to News Articles
Provides a listing of articles from the popular press with questions relevant to the study of introductory economics and listing of relevant themes from popular textbooks.
McMaster University Archive for the History of Economic Thought
An attempt to collect in one place a large number of significant texts in the history of economic thought. Listed by author.
The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) is a member of the World Bank Group. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of foreign direct investment to its developing member countries through the provision of investment guarantees against political risks.
Leading independent provider of economic analysis, data, forecasting and credit risk services. Research, data and analysis can be purchased directly through the online Research Store.
Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE)
Extensive guide of economics-related information on the web. Sponsored by the American Economics Association and edited by Bill Goffe.
The Value of a Statistical Life
Research at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University on "Value of a Statistical Life" methodology and policy issues.

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