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Thermodynamics is the physics of energy, heat, work, entropy and the spontaneity of processes. It is closely related to statistical mechanics from which many thermodynamic relationships can be derived. Thermodynamics usually refers to equilibrium thermodynamics of quasistatic processes. Time-dependent thermodynamic processes are studied by non-equilibrium thermodynamics.

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All Thermodynamics
from HyperPhysics portal. This is rather a comprehensive online physics handbook containing "Thermodynamics" chapter. Site has a handle navigation, good illustrations, and very detail content.
Applied Thermodynamics
Definition and short explanations of terms, units and basic principles.
Basic Terms and Theory
from Engineers Edge. A definitions, short explanations and connection of basic thermodynamics terms.
Computational Thermodynamics
Calculation of metal phase diagrams using the CALPHAD method. Also offers consulting services.
Equation of State - Ideal Gas
Features equations describing the relationship between pressure, volume and pressure in gases. From NASA.
The Expert System For Thermodynamics
TEST is a visual environment to solve thermodynamics problems, pursue what-if scenarios and perform numerical experiments.
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
Lecture notes and problems from University of Pittsburg.
Ideal Gas Law
Applet illustrating the ideal gas law : action of a piston in a pressure chamber filled with ideal gas.
Mass, Energy, and Freedom - The Coins of Thermodynamics
The basis for thermodynamics. An introduction to the conservation of energy, states of matter and changes of state.
Properties of Heat and Matter
Online book on Thermodynamics at UC Berkeley.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics by Frank L. Lambert
A qualitative introduction to the second law and entropy written for beginners in chemistry but useful for physics students too. Explains relationship with Murphy's Law.
Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics
Intermediate tutorial by Richard Fitzpatrick covers topics such as probability theory, heat and work, applications, and quantum statistics. From the University of Texas at Austin.
Thermodynamics and Its Applications
Companion site to the textbook by J. W. Tester and M. Modell, includes answers to selected problems and current errata.
Thermodynamics by Professor Z. S. Spakovszky
Basic thermodynamics course accompanied by lecture notes.
What is Thermodynamics?
Controlling variables in energy/heat systems. Thermodynamics discussed in the context of propulsion.

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