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Classical mechanics generalized (extended) to realm of high velocities (special relativity), and strong gravitational fields (general relativity). In particular, the theory that time and space form a single 'spacetime' which is curved in the presence of energy and mass.

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Are There Any Good Books on Relativity Theory?
The Physics FAQs guide to relativity books; by Chris Hillman (with contributions by Nathan Urban). An extensive annotated list of semi-popular books, textbooks and background reading.
Cambridge Relativity Public Home Page
Various pages with non-technical texts about cosmology, black holes, cosmic strings, inflation, quantum cosmology, and string theory, written by members of the Relativity Group at Cambridge University.
Einstein Online
Information about Einstein's theories of special and general relativity and their applications; site is hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics. Includes a simple introduction, a collection of articles ("Spotlights on relativity"), and a relativistic dictionary.
An Essay on General Relativity
Overview of the basic ideas and principal applications of general relativity. Written by John L. Safko for students in the self-paced astronomy courses at the University of South Carolina in 1997.
Interactive Experiments in Gravity
Try an experiment that illustrates the gravitational attraction between two objects or use a Java applet to understand how orbits work in strongly curved space-time.
Introduction to General Relativity
By Gerard 't Hooft (Utrecht University); based on lectures held in 2002; a thorough introduction starting with accelerated frames and including topics such as black holes, the basics of cosmology, and gravitational radiation.
NOVA Online/Einstein Revealed
Profile of Albert Einstein, with additional teaching resources, Shockwave demonstrations, and animations of relativity concepts.
The Physical Construction of Time
Papers by Igor Zlobin that analyze time deceleration effect as predicted by both relativity and special relativity theories. Some papers are in English and Russia, others only in Russian.
Physics Bookshelf - Relativity
A collection of articles about relativity
Provides information on the history, experiments and paradoxes of relativity.
Relativity: List of Important Equations
Page scans from the Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics giving equations and formulas for special relativity and relativistic cosmology. Includes bibliography.
Relativity: Special, General, and Cosmological
Sample chapters from the classical textbook by Wolfgang Rindler, as part of a "limited preview" on Google Books.
Spacetime - General Relativity, Quantum Gravity, and the Existence of Time
A brief summary of Spacetime Theories at the beginning of the Third Millennium, and of the possibility that we live in an essentially atemporal universe.
Wikipedia: General Relativity Resources
Annotated list of reading material about general relativity: popular books, textbooks, books on specific topics, web courses, and websites.
Wikipedia: Introduction to General Relativity
Encyclopedia article explaining the basic concepts, observational tests and (astrophysical) applications of general relativity.
General Relativity Simulation Contest
Attempt at a content aimed at the Internet community to write a simulation program, based on a simple algorithm incorporating the laws of general relativity, that can realistically simulate the behavior of black holes, binary stars, and the twin paradox. (December 28, 2005)
Numerical Relativity: Status and Prospects
Review article by Luis Lehner about the foundations of numerical relativity and recent progress in the field; particular attention is paid to simulations of black hole spacetimes. (February 19, 2002)
Subtle is the Gravity
Review of the motivations for and basic principles of general relativity, aimed at a general audience. Written by Naresh Dadhich (IUCAA Pune), based on a lecture delivered in 2001. (February 03, 2001)
Gravitational Waves and Black Holes: An Introduction to General Relativity
An introduction by Jan-Willem van Holten (NIKHEF, Amsterdam), based on lectures given at the University of Heidelberg in 1997. (April 15, 1997)

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