Science Physics Quantum Mechanics
The physics which describes subatomic systems and interactions of elementary particles.

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Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Entry from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, the first general attempt to understand the world of atoms as this is represented by quantum mechanics. - Quantum Theory
Includes a basic introduction to what this theory is, and links to relevant journal and magazine articles.
The EPR Paradox and Inequality Principle of Bell
A short article from the USENET Physics FAQ.
Grains of Mystery
A primer for the non-professional interested in learning about the principles of quantum physics without all the math.
Introduction to Optical Lattices
Applications to anyonic statistics, quantum computation and superconductivity in the framework of optical lattice potentials.
An introduction to Quantized Lie Groups and Algebras
A self-contained introduction to the theory of quantum groups according to Drinfeld highlighting the formal aspects as well as the applications to the Yang-Baxter equation and representation theory. Introductions to Hopf algebras, Poisson structures and deformation quantization are also provided.
Mona Lisa: Ineffable Smile of Quantum Mechanics
The portrait of Mona Lisa is scrutinized with reference to quantum mechanics
Path Integral Approach to Quantum Mechanics
An intuitive description of Feynman's version of quantum mechanics written in poetic language.
Path Integral Methods and Applications
These lectures are intended as an introduction to the technique of path integrals and their applications in physics. The audience is mainly first-year graduate students, and it is assumed that the reader has a good foundation in quantum mechanics.
Physics Bookshelf - Quantum Mechanics
A collection of articles explaining basic concepts in quantum mechanics.
Article which teaches the basics of quantum mechanics with help of digital videos showing the time evolution of wave packets in various potentials, with interference, tunneling.
Quantum Cat Analytics
Various aspects of theoretical nanotechnology, quantum transport, spin manipulation and strongly driven quantum systems.
Quantum Cryptography
Preprint with the overview of quantum cryptography.
Quantum Experiments and the Foundations of Physics
Information about experiments performed in Austria.
Quantum Mechanics
A survey of quantum mechanics from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Quantum Physics
A qualitative description of the key aspects, including Heisenburg's Uncertainty Principle, wave-particle duality and related theories.
Quantum Physics Online
A series of Java applets illustrating solutions to basic problems in this subject.
Quantum Physics Primer
Describes some basic concepts of quantum physics.
Student Understanding of Quantum Mechanics
A set of lectures and reports outlining methods of teaching introductory quantum mechanics to a wide range of students.
Topics in Modern Quantum Optics
This is the written version of lectures presented at the 17th Symposium on Theoretical Physics covering various topics in quantum optics.

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