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Scientific instruments and supplies used to do physics research and/or labs.

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AJA International Inc.
Manufactures thin film technology (sputtering). Also produces microwave power supplies, substrate heaters, sputtering systems and targets, ion sources, and RF/DC power supplies.
Angstrom Engineering Inc.
Offers customizable research and pre-production equipment solutions, including thin film deposition systems, glove box integration and thermal space simulation chambers.
Ansaldo Superconduttori
Manufacturer of conventional and superconductive magnets for research in high energy physics and thermonuclear fusion.
Apex Instruments Company
Indian manufacturer of the Langmuir Blodgett Deposition system, dip coaters, spin coaters, biofreezers, inert glove boxes, temperature controllers and digital thermometers.
Atomic Hydrogen Source
Produces a thermal hydrogen cracker with uses such as damage free cleaning of surfaces.
Aurelia Microelettronica
Belongs to CAEN group, sells a variety of nuclear and biomedical electronics.
Besocke Delta Phi GmbH
Manufacturer of instruments used in research and development in physics, chemistry, engineering and biology. Main products include Kelvin Probes, STM, AFM, Choppers and Gas sensors.
Bruker Baltic
Developer and manufacturer of spectrometric devices based on semiconductor silicon, high-pure germanium and cadmium-zinc-tellurium detectors.
Canberra Eurisys
Produces radiation monitoring systems and analysis instrumentation serving industries engaged in nuclear power, personal dosimeter and decommissioning, and safeguards.
Colutron Research Corporation Home Page
Manufactures ion sources, ion guns and components. Also, high resolution beam imaging systems for ion, electron, and neutral beams as well as x-rays.
Since 1964 Danfysik have through development of products and technical expertise established the company's reputation as a supplier of high quality equipment for particle accelerator laboratories.
DCA Instruments
Manufacturer of UHV thin film deposition systems and components. The products include Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) equipment.
Density Calibration Laboratory
Physics calibration laboratory, accredited by UK Government (UKAS). Produces liquid and solid density standards and calibrates hydrometers.
Desert Cryogenics
Offers cryostats in 3He, 4He and top loading configurations.
Digital Correlator Manufacturer
Manufacturer of digital correlator for dynamic light scattering and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.
Edmund Optics
Manufactures and integrates optical components.
Developer and manufacturer of instruments for physics, chemistry and biology.
FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH
Manufacturer of low-noise signal amplifiers, lock-in amplifier modules and photoreceivers for use in scientific applications.
Manufacturer of laboratory equipment for flow control in microfluidics.
Foton s.r.o.
Manufacturer of scientific instrumentation including electronics, optoelectronics, micropositioning automation, and plasma diagnostics.
Herbach and Rademan
Provides surplus electro-mechanical and scientific equipment.
Inficon Holdings AG
Provides thin film deposition controllers, high sensitivity helium leak detectors, digital and analog vacuum gauge controllers, valves and fittings, and mass spectrometers and partial pressure controllers for gas analyzers.
Integrated Design Tools
Produces particle image velocimetry systems, makers of proVISION and sharpVISION products and software.
Supplier of measurement technology using the piezoelectric effect to measure pressure, force and acceleration.
Labkron Instruments
Distributor of laboratory equipment and instruments.
Laboratory Equipment
Manufacturers of Physics Laboratory Equipment for BS and MS students.
LabSmith Innovative Laboratory Electronics
Manufacturer of laboratory electronics that control experiment timing, sequencing, coordination and integration.
LDS Leak Detectors
Rents new and rebuilt helium leak detectors and systems. Also provides spare parts and vacuum components.
Lou Champagne Systems Inc.
Supplier of radiation measurement instruments.
Mad City Labs, Inc.
Produces nanopositioning systems with sub-nanometer precision.
Major Science Equipment Manufacturers
Directory of fax numbers, toll-free phone numbers, addresses and URLs for science equipment companies.
Mass Properties Measurement Instruments
Provides equipment to measure center of gravity, moment of inertia, product of inertia, igniter circuit testers, space simulators and gimbal balance machines.
Mass Spec Components
Provides support for users of VG, Fisons and Micromass magnetic sector mass spectrometers. Includes spares and consumables for 70E, 70S, ZAB and Autospecs.
Mesytec GBR
Develops, produces and distributes detector electronics and readout systems for particle and photon detectors. Single and multi channel systems are available for SSDs, PMTs, and PSDs.
MHB Optics Co Ltd
Provides precision optical components and crystals to the optics instrument, telecom and laser industries.
Micro Photonics Inc.
Distributor of microtomography (micro-ct) systems from Skyscan for 3D examination and model creation of samples. Also supplies Xray diffraction equipment, Laue cameras, and gauges.
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
Manufacturer of particle technology instrumentation for the evaluation of particle size, surface area, pore size and pore size distribution, material density, bulk density, surface and catalytic activity, and zeta potential.
Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) electrospray deposition systems(ESD) and components for the study of non-volatile and fragile molecules on surfaces.
Neocera Inc.
Provides pulsed laser deposition systems, metal oxide thin films and thin film devices, cryogenic temperature controllers, cryogenic sensors, magnetic and microwave microscopes, and sensor research and development.
Nordiko Technical Services Limited
Manufacturers of broad ion beam technology for thin film process applications within the nano technology arena.
Oregon Physics
Developer and manufacturer of innovative ion beam systems. Also designs, develops, fabricates and installs custom ion sources and optics for specialized applications.
Supplier of measurement systems, electronic instruments and modules, high resolution radiation detectors, and data analysis software for OEM and end-user applications of high resolution nuclear spectroscopy, fast-timing and pulse-height analysis.
Oxford Applied Research
Provides ion sources, atom sources, gas crackers, evaporation sources, as well as other specialized UHV components for MBE and surface science requirements.
Oxford Plasma Sources
Manufacturer of plasma sources of all types including RF (13.56MHz)and microwave (2.45GHz) in a range of sizes. Applications include MBE, surface science and thin film deposition.
Oxford Scientific Ltd
Provides vacuum science and plasma instruments for HV, UHV, MBE and surface science applications. Instruments include plasma sources, atom sources, ion sources, e-beam evaporators, hydrogen sources.
Partition Enterprises Pty Ltd
Manufacturer of density tracers. Density tracers are filled plastic particles which are used to determine partitioning characteristics of density separators and other units.
PhysicsWeb - Business Directory
Directory of manufacturers and suppliers of physics-related products.
Provides Magneto-Rheological Finishing (MRF) and Magneto Abrasive Machining (MAM) equipment and services.
Quantum Design, Inc.
Provides automated materials characterization instrumentation - SQUID magnetometry, heat capacity, cryogenics, thermal conductivity, resistivity, helium 3, superconducting magnetics, susceptometry, physics and chemistry research.
The Rembar Company
Provides refractory metals and services to fabricate refractory metals.
Developer of super-mirrors, neutron guide systems (ballistic, funnel) and several mechanical and optical devices like ELREBO (ElementReplacingBox).
Producer of semiconductor characterization and analysis systems.
Short Wavelength Laboratory Sources
Network of scientists with common interests to develop high intensity short wavelength laboratory sources for EUV and X-rays
SMI Lab Ltd.
Developer and manufacturer of photonic single crystalline materials and instruments.
Manufacturer of surface analysis components and systems.
Surface Concept GmbH
Producer of delay line detectors. Provides products and services for electron detection, electron optics and ultra-high vacuum compatible sensors for surface analysis.
SVT Associates - Complete MBE
Manufacturer of Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) and Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) equipment. Also produces III-V epitaxial materials and devices, in-situ monitoring tools, and system deposition components.
Tectra Plasma Sources
Provides the Tectra Plasma Source, a multi-purpose source producing either atoms or ions and finds uses in a range of HV and UHV applications.
Teledyne Hastings Instruments
Manufactures a range of vacuum instruments and gas mass flow instruments.
UHV Design
Manufacturer of vacuum components for molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), UHV sputtering, vacuum thin films and other UHV vacuum deposition components.
Produces hemispherical energy analysers,  electron, X ray, ion sources, and sample transfer. Includes list and description of products.
Vatell Corporation
Produces a line of HFM heat flux microsensors and circular foil heat flux gages.
VME for Physics and Industrie
Provides process control, supervisory data acquisition systems and VME scalers and counters.
Vorg Electronics
Manufacturer of electronic transformers for halogen lamps, photomultiplier tube bases, cables, electronic transformers, PMT bases, PMT Arrays, transformers, and custom built electronics
Voss Scientific
Provides data acquisition and analysis, PC-based satellite telemetry, high-power microwave (HPM) sources, and computational electromagnetic products.
WITec GmbH
Manufacturer of equipment for scientific and industrial applications focused on new solutions for optical and scanning probe microscopy.
X-ray 3-dimensional Non-destructive Microscopy
Developer and producer of microtomography (Micro-CT) system for non-destructive 3-dimensional microscopy inside opaque objects.
X-TRONIX Scientific and Industrial Technologies
Provides equipment for vacuum techniques, including consumables, thin films and surface science, gas flow control, helium cryogenics, and particle physics.

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