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Plasma, called also the fourth state of matter (the other three are solid, liquid, and gas), is mixture of ionized atoms (atoms stripped of some or all of their electrons) and surrounding electrons.

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Perspectives on Plasmas
Educational coverage of plasma science and technology with site links worldwide.
Coalition for Plasma Science
A group of institutions, organizations, and companies joining forces to increase awareness and understanding of plasma science and its many applications and benefits for society.
Dynapower Corporation
A manufacturer of power conversion equipment. Transformer technology, rectifiers, battery formation, anodizing, and other power conversion equipment.
MATLAB Instruction Modules for Introductory Plasma Physics
Modules to teach single particle motion, dispersion relation, particle simulation and ray-tracing.
Perspectives on Plasmas
Presenting all aspects of plasma science and technology for the general public, educational, and research communities.
Plasma Dictionary
Derived from the FusEdWeb educational site, includes alphabetical listings, search function and submission form for corrections and new terms.
Plasma Jet
A private company developing and applying plasma technologies based on the method of DC arc jet. Plasma jet is capable of melting anything, as well as for the activation of chemical reactions.
Plasma on the Internet
Plasma-gate. Lists of Plasma Physics servers on the internet. (From WIS Institute).
Plasma Physics at Kulgun
Introductory notes on plasma physics.
Plasma Physics Research Center
Plasma Physics Research Center Tehran-Iran
Plasma TV Science
Guide to plasma science used within the plasma television technology. Includes educational resources and links to related information.
Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL)
A manufacturer of semiconductor and FPD production equipment, including plasma and ion etchers, and deposition systems. Page includes a company overview and history, details on its business, group companies in different countries, and R&D information.

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