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ABCs of Nuclear Science
A very detailed introduction to nuclear science.
American Nuclear Society
Resources on nuclear science and technology: nuclear engineering, nuclear medicine, nuclear energy, nuclear physics, nuclear power, food irradiation, and nuclear news.
Association Vinçotte Nuclear
Belgium nuclear regulatory institute. Objectives, studies and reports.
Brookhaven Nuclear Wallet Cards
Selected properties of all known nuclides and their known isomeric states.
CdTe and CdZnTe Crystal Growth and Production of Gamma Detectors
Semiconductor gamma radiation detectors prepared from Bridgman growth crystals.
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Provides information on nuclear technology and related topics.
International Energy Prize "Global Energy"
A new scientific award for outstanding theoretical, experimental and applied research, development, inventions and discoveries in the field of energy development and power generation.
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
An intergovernmental organization created in order to unify the intellectual and material potential of member states to study the fundamental properties of matter. Situated in Dubna in the Russian Federation.
Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro: n_TOF
The goal of this experiment at CERN is the measurement of capture and fission neutron cross-sections relevant to Astrophysics and Application, nameley those related to accelerator driven systems and transmutation of nuclear wastes.
National Nuclear Data Center
The most comprehensive and complete nuclear data resource on the Web. In 2004 NNDC Web site had 560K database retrievals and users from more than 11000 organizations.
Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference.
Nuclear Physics
An introduction to nuclear physics and its applications.
Nuclear Physics
Provides an introduction to atoms, radioactivity and the structure of a nuclear bomb.
Nuclear Science and Technology
Presents information on nuclear science and technology and how our everyday lives are influenced through it.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Basic research in nuclear and atomic physics.
Sixth International Conference on Perspectives in Hadronic Physics
The Conference follows the previous five ones (held in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2006) and seven Workshops on Perspectives in Nuclear Physics at Intermediate Energies, jointly organized every two years, from 1983 to 1995, by the ICTP and INFN.
University of Birmingham - Research Groups in Nuclear Physics
Includes information about postgraduate admissions, lists of staff, publications and seminars, and brief introductions to the research that is undertaken.
Websource for Electron Energy Loss Spectra
A database of electron energy loss spectra of interest to academic and industrial researchers. The spectra can be used to identify compositions and bonding states of materials.
Lasers Split the Atom
The reactions that lead to nuclear power or an atomic blast. (January 21, 2000)

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