Science Physics Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics
A collection of scientific resources about the motion of fluids like liquids and gases.

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Advanced Aero/Hydrodynamics
Course materials from University of Vermont.
Albert Einstein's Analysis of the Brownian Motion
Free e-book by Walter Pfeifer describing the Brownian motion of suspended particles and Albert Einstein's formula.
An antibubble is a ball of liquid surrounded by a thin film of air. Pictures, documentation and links.
Calculations and Equations of Fluid Mechanics
An online fluid dynamics calculator.
Classical Fluid Mechanics Problem Solutions
Solutions to Classical Fluid Flow and Momentum Transfer Problems.
The Effects of Water Hammer And Pulsations
Explanation of water hammer and pulsation inclusive the formula used to calculate the pressure increase.
A one-stop internet resource for fluid dynamics and flow engineering professionals
Engineers Edge: Fluid Flow, Hydraulic and Pneumatic
Fluids section of engineering directory. Provides definitions and practical applications.
European Research Community on Fluids, Turbulence and Combustion. Portal to Fluid Dynamics database resources. Free registration required.
Fighting Rocket Engine Combustion Instabilities
Provides information on studies of how damping in a combustion chamber works and how the process can be influenced.
Irrotational Plane Flows of an Inviscid Fluid
Lecture for those who need a refresher course on hydrodynamics fundamentals.
National Fluid Power Association
Acts as a forum where manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, customers and educators can act together to advance fluid power technology and strengthen the industry. Includes information on membership, events and industry news.
Navier-Stokes Equations
Equations describing how the velocity, pressure, temperature and density of a moving fluid are related.
Particulate Solid Research, Inc.
International industrial consortium that conducts applied research in fluidization, solids transport, and other fluid-particle areas. Overview of staff, programs, facilities, and information about membership, meetings and publications.
PivNet 2
An introduction to the European Collaboration on Particle Image Velocimetry. Links to participating partners, information about courses, conferences and literature.
Potto Project: Fundamentals of Compressible Fluid Mechanics
Open and free content downloadable textbooks for engineering.
Prandtl–Glauert Singularity
Wikipedia article on the point at which a sudden drop in air pressure occurs and which is the cause of the visible condensation cloud that may surround an aircraft.
University of Colorado Flow Visualization Course
A course in the physics and art of fluid flow for engineering and fine arts photography students at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The student gallery has a wide assortment of images ranging from soap films to clouds.

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