Science Physics Electromagnetism
Electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature, along with strong interaction, weak interaction and gravitation. It is the force that causes the interaction between electrically charged particles.

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Basic Electronics
Online book which covers topics from ohms law to digital circuits. Contains interactive troubleshooting simulations.
CdTe Gamma Detectors Equipped With Ohmic Contacts
Gamma induced currents in CdTe and CdZnTe semiconductor detectors equipped with ohmic contacts are not sensitive to hole trapping.
Provides a fully integrated line of tools, products and services in electrical engineering.
Differential Forms in Electromagnetic Theory
Research group at Brigham Young University is investigating the use of the calculus of differential forms in teaching and research.
Einstein–de Haas Effect
Article from Wikipedia on this physical phenomenon demonstrated by Albert Einstein and Wander Johannes de Haas in Germany in the mid 1910's.
Electricity from Lightning
Site addresses the power of lightning, and the question of how to harness that power, whether there are substantial reasons not to.
Electromagnetic Induction
A virtual experiment on creating electric current with a changing magnetic field.
Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Poster
A poster of all known ranges of EMR including gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared, microwaves, radio waves.
Authors' web pages for the textbook "Electromagnetism", by G. L. Pollack and D. R. Stump, published by Addison-Wesley.
Surface electromigration refers to the directed motion of atoms (adatoms) at solid surfaces, grain boundaries and interfaces which is caused by an electric current in the bulk of the material. It is considered a key factor determining the reliability of integrated circuits.
Electrostatic Solutions Ltd
Static electricity information and expertise, ESD in electronics manufacture, how to avoid electrostatic fires, ESD training, research and consultancy.
Electrostatics equations
Main equations and formulae of electrostatics.
EM Talk
Tutorials and information on electromagnetics and microwave engineering topics.
How a Compass Works
Explanation of how compasses work and how to make your own, from How Stuff Works.
How a Metal Detector Works
Interactive Java tutorial explaining the principles of electromagnetic induction.
How an Electromagnet Works
Explanation of principles and experiments, from How Stuff Works.
How Solar Cells Work
Principles of operation of silicon photovoltaic cells.
How Van de Graaff Generators Work
Description of Van de Graaff generators and static electricity, from How Stuff Works.
Is it Possible to Generate Electricity Directly from Heat?
A brief explanation from How Stuff Works.
Magnet Formulas
A small web site devoted to the vanishing art of practical magnet design without FEA, including field formulas for simple conductor configurations, air core solenoids and Helmholtz Coils.
Magnet University
Educational information on magnet properties. Maintained by the company Rare-Earth Magnetics.
Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
An overview of Maxwell's Equations and how they determine the speed of light.
Paradoxes of Modern Electrodynamics
Provides analysis of some modern electrodynamics concepts including peculiarities and «white spots» in the model of an electromagnetic wave. The site is in English and Russian.
PowerLabs Rail Gun
Electromagnetic capacitor powered 20kJ rail gun research.
Science Ebooks Ezine
This site offers a variety of electronics and physics animations and visual aides for teachers or students.
Spin Science
Research conducted at the University of Amsterdam utilizing x-ray magneto-optical techniques for the study of thin film and nanometric magnetic systems.
Static Electricity Projects
Site devoted to projects utilizing static electricity (motors, generators) which are simple enough and can be relatively easily built.
Vacuum Tube Diode
A demonstration of how a vacuum tube diode works.
The Van de Graaff Generator Website
Information on how Van de Graaff Generators work, typical classroom demonstrations, and instructions for building one.
Images of magnets and their uses, experiments, a discussion board about magnet-related topics, and an elementary primer on magnetism and magnetic physics.

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