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This category lists sites pertaining to the use of computer simulations of physical systems and numerical methods for solving physics equations.

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A tool to create and edit coordinates and configurations for use in computational atomic and molecular sciences.
A computation intelligence car evolution using physics.
C programming course and tutorial
A computational physics course based on the C programming language of the school of physics by Prof. Michael Ashley at the University of New South Wales.
CCP2010 - Conference on Computational Physics
Trondheim, Norway 23 - 26 June 2010
Center for Computational Physics - University of Tsukuba
An inter-university research facility to function as a base to develop research in computational physics and parallel computer science.
Computational Materials Science
The department in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Twente.
Computational Physics Applets
An applets collections of many physics phenomena.
Computational Physics, Inc.
A company founded to perform advanced scientific research and technology development in atmospheric and space physics.
Computational Science
Essays on computational physics and modelling magnetic material. Software for simulating the Belousov-Zhabotinsky chemical reaction and for solving the travelling salesman problem.
Computational Science Education Reference Desk
Features models and lesson plans based around the use of scientific computing in science, math, and technology to help educators add inquiry based exercises to their classrooms.
Computer Physics Communications Program Library
A program library of the programs in computational physics and physical chemistry which are described in the journal Computer Physics Communications.
Computer Simulation Laboratory
Mathematical Modeling of Electromigration in thin film interconnects, Internal Friction spectrum.
Conference on Computational Physics 2008
The conference will be held from August 5-8, 2008 and covers several fields of computational physics.
DiLabio's Research Group
Dispersion-correcting potentials for using density-functional theory methods to accurately and reliably model non-covalent interactions.
Division of Computational Physics
This branch of the American Physical Society is focused on computational physics.
Flow Physics and Computational Engineering
A group in the Mechanical Engineering department at Stanford University. FPCE is contributing new theories, models and computational tools for accurate engineering design analysis and control of complex flows.
International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering
Meeting to bring together computational scientists from several disciplines.
Krell Institute
Institute for the promotion of computational science.
Large-scale Physics Application to Python
Parallel processing systems used to perform molecular dynamics simulation, data analysis, and visualization.
Lattice Geometries
Describes a method of defining lattice geometries for use in computational physics.
Lester Ingber's Archive
Path integrals in nonlinear stochastic systems. Applications to nuclear physics, neocortex, combat simulations.
Lindon's Scientific Computing Log
A master of physics student's logged learning journey through scientific computation and programming on linux.
Materials Project
Providing materials researchers with the information they need to design better, to accelerate innovation in materials research.
Is a molecular dynamics (MD) simulation program tailored for effective calculation of ion ranges.
Multigrid Contact Detection
Integrates the idea of multigrid with contact detection problems. Detects potential physical contacts among all the objects in the system.
nMod nBody
Is a modelling Toolkit that contain a Particle-Particle nBody model, a visualiser to display the time evolution, and other utilities to assist in the development of nBody simulation.
An object-oriented open-source finite-element library for the simulation of multi-physics problems. Introduction, download, documentation and example usage. [GPL]
Open Source Physics
Computational Resources for Teaching.
Point Group Symmetry
A site contains details of various point-group symmetries, their inter-relations and specific information regarding dipole-transition selection rules.
Polygonal Contact Model
A contact algorithm for multibody dynamics.
A Practical Guide to Computer Simulations
Practical aspects of conducting research via computer simulations are discussed.
Quang Nguyen's Site
Contains useful tools for analysing results of VASP calculations and a place to share knowledge with other scientists.
Scientific Computing and Plasma Physics Blog
Plasma modeling, rarefied gas dynamics, scientific computing, and data visualization articles with source codes and interactive demos.
Scientific Linux
Is a Linux release put together by Fermilab, CERN, and various other labs and universities around the world ready tuned for experimenters.
TOCSY - Toolbox for Complex Systems
Provide a compilation of methods for nonlinear data analysis.
University of Groningen, Computational Physics Group
Research topics: quantum computing, time-resolved optical imaging, morphological image analysis, quantum Monte Carlo, nano-scale magnetism, chaos; in Netherlands.

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