A weblog (often shortened just to blog) is a user-generated website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order. This category is for blogs about breaking science news or personal views on general scientific topics.

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Brains Matter
A podcast on science, curiosities and general knowledge, featuring interviews with scientists and topics of interest.
Bruceleeeowe's Blog
Exploring advanced technologies from past and future, an entirely new analytical view at science.
California Biotech Law Blog
This blog addresses litigation, legislation, deals, and legal issues of interest to the California biotech community.
Covers astronomy, genetics and biology.
Discovery Discovered
A science blog about news, inventions and discoveries.
Dr Stu's Science Blog
Exploring issues in health, psychology and technology.
Dread Tomato Addiction
A weblog of science, statistics and humor. The author finds much in science that is fascinating or fun and plenty that needs to be made-fun-of.
Dumb Scientist
A collection of articles written by a physicist about physics, other scientific fields, philosophy and politics.
Dura Mater: Odd Bits From a Distracted Scientist's Brain
Reflections on science and technology news and its influence on society.
Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.
Articles ranging from space exploration to health, to software and technology.
Green Trust Renewable Energy & Sustainability
Discussion and education on renewable energy, permaculture, biofuels, and independent living. [Atom]
Hand Picked....and Carefully Sorted
Covers interesting developments in agriculture, animal sciences, human sciences, leisure and tourism and the environment.
Ideonexus: Science, Cyberspace, Speculation
A blog providing links to science-related news stories, politics and popularization.
Impact Lab
The DaVinci Institute present scientific breakthroughs and innovative technologies.
Eclectic news and views on health informatics and eLearning. [RSS]
Lubos Motl's Reference Frame
News, opinion and political commentary relating to string theory, mathematics and physics.
The Mr Science Show
Regular blog and podcast on scientific and social topics, featuring summaries of news articles, science stories and podcast links. Page includes photos and some videos.
Next Big Future
Tracking progress to the future especially advanced nanotechnology, nuclear and energy technology, quantum computers, life extension, space technology and AI.
Not Even Wrong
Physics and mathematics discussion from the author at the front line of the string theory controversy.
The OpenScience Project Weblog
Weblog of a collaboration encouraging the production and release of open source scientific software.
Blog posts from members of the ResearchGATE community are aggregated to provide a reputable source for news, commentary, research and innovation.
Science Blog
General science and technology news weblog.
The Science News
News on topics such as technology, medicine, astronomy and environment.
Science Takeaway
Blog from a university-based researcher, trying to help the general public making sense of scientific news.
Science, Space & Robots
Provides coverage of space and science news.
Science news and features plus commentary by science journalist and writer David Bradley.
60+ bloggers selected on the basis of their originality, insight, talent, and dedication provide up-to-date coverage of their different scientific fields.
Provides general news and articles.
Uses pictures and animated gifs in articles covering topics like neuroscience, chemistry and physics.
Community edited science weblog and discussion forum.
Singularity Hub
Up to date information about the daily advances mankind is making in stem cells, genetics, biology, artificial intelligence, aging, robotics.
Steorn's Orbo: Dispatches from the Future
The Irish company Steorn claims to have developed a revolutionary technology for generating free energy: Orbo. This blog provides the story from the beginning and continues as it unfolds.
Things We Don't Know
Discusses current topics of interest to the science community.
Walking Randomly
A random walk through maths and science.
We Want Science
Articles on how things work and experiments to try.
Weird Things
Greg Fish explores science, the strange, and the unknown. Also includes links to his published essays.
ZME Science
Aims to provide science and environmental information which is easy to understand and assimilate.

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