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The ACTS Toolkit
A set of DOE-developed software tools that make it easier for programmers to write high performance scientific applications for parallel computers.
Addix Software Consultancy
Suppliers of financial, mathematical and statistical function libraries and tools for use in Excel, VB and VBA. Page includes details about programs offered.
Applied Mathematics Software
Shareware mathematical components and applications using Borland products.
C++ template library for computations in ARithmetics, Algebra, GEometry, Linear and Integer linear programming. Supports arbitrary length integers, rationals, vectors, matrices.
Axiom Computer Algebra System
A free, open source computer algebra system that was developed at IBM Research.
Calculus 1.0
Software for Windows by Ashay Dharwadker. Compute and graph functions, derivatives and integrals. Free limited evaluation version.
Computational Finance and Mathematical Software Components
Applications in computational finance, signal processing, independent component analysis (ICA), time series analysis and data mining. ActiveX Controls that can be used in a wide range of Windows Application Development Environments. Purchase on-line.
Supports exact comparisons for expressions involving arithmetic and square roots, or if desired, faster inexact comparisons. Designed for exact geometric computation.
DataTrend Software
Grab It allows a scientist or engineer to digitize data without a graphic tablet. Loads any graph or chart and digitizes the data accurately and in real time.
DigiArea, Inc.
Maple and Mathematica packages for calculations in modern differential geometry and approximation theory.
Equation Editors by MGCSoft
Math equation and graphical editor.
Euler Math Toolbox
Powerful numerical software for numerical and symbolic computations written and maintained by R. Grothmann from the University of Eichstätt. Euler supports Windows or Linux via Wine.
Euromath Support Center
Distribution and support of Euromath software (Bratislava, Slovak Republic). Unix version free to download.
An open source digital signal processing library written in C#. Includes complex numbers classes, statistical functions and 1D, 2D and 3D fast Fourier transforms.
Exterior Differential Calculus
Freeware enables Mathematica to carry out calculations with differential forms.
GNU Scientific Library
A free numerical library for C programmers. Includes over 1000 mathematical functions and algorithms. Distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS)
You can search for software according to: what problem it solves; package name; module name; and text in module abstracts.
Hermetic Systems: Mathematical Software
Programs on mathematical themes, including programs for factoring numbers and for exploring the prime number spiral.
Mathematical software for resource optimization. Linear, mixed-integer and quadratic programming solvers designed for high performance and reliability on large, difficult problems.
Commercial library for numerical computations. Written in C# the library brings all common linear algebra, n-d array and visualization operations to the .Net framework.
JavaMath API
Sourceforge software to enable mathematical programs in Java to use the computational capabilities of existing compute engines.
Computer algebra and graphing tool for Mac, Windows, Linux and Sun, formerly sold under the product names Theorist and MathView, with ancillary product Expressionist. Includes a browser plug-in.
Mathematical & Scientific Computing Software
An environment for developing numerical computation programs and producing publication-quality documents with equations, graphs, and tables. Includes a program editor, a debugger, a scientific word processor, an equation editor, and a powerful high-level programming language that supports multidimensional arrays, complex numbers, and user-defined functions.
Mathematical Utilities
A collection of mathematics tools for students, engineers, and scientists, mainly in Javascript.
Mathematics Archives - Other Software Sites
The Mathematics Archives' collection of links to other software sites.
Mathematics Software
Collection in the Math WWW Virtual Library at the Florida State University, USA.
A powerful mathematical engine written in java. A huge amount of mathematical and engineering functions is available.
Mathsay-math software
Recommend a powerful math software. It analyzes and calculates in graph, and is helpful in learning and teaching function,geometry,equation, solid geometry and preliminary infinitesimal calculus,etc.
Technical computing portal for scientific and engineering software. Numerous links to software organised by application and by language (mainly MATLAB, Excel, C++, Fortran and Java). Site requires Javascript; free registration.
Matrix ActiveX Component 3.0
An ActiveX DLL library that implements matrix algebra for mathematical computation in application development. Free trial download.
Maxima for Symbolic Computation Program
Maxima is a Common Lisp implementation of MIT's Macsyma system for computer based algebra, released under the GNU Public License.
A free finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation software package developed at MIT to model electromagnetic systems, along with the MPB eigenmode package.
Miscellaneous Mathematical Utilities
Javascript making use of algorithms from the BLAS, EISPACK, and LINPACK collections.
My Arbitrary Precision Math Library (MAPM)
A portable set of functions in C with C++ wrapper. Includes trigonometric functions.
Neon Programming
Used to compose new formulas and save them, which can later be edited and extended with additional information. Lists functions that can be used.
Numerical Mathematics
Features programs that will find solutions for functions, equations, differential equations, regression, approximation, interpolation, linear algebra, integration, maxima and minima, and 3D graphing. Includes free download demonstrations and general explanation of methods used.
Numerics for RAD
Dew Research produces an object oriented numerical library for Delphi Pascal and CBuilder. Additional component packages include signal processing and statistics.
A matrix-based scripting language and integrated computing environment. Win32. On-line ordering.
Oberwolfach References on Mathematical Software
Collection of detailed information and links on mathematical software.
Online Octave
Performs online various math calculation using Octave.
Data analysis and graphics software. Technical charts for scientists and engineers. 2D and 3D plotting, statistics, curve fitting, and peak fitting.
Peanut Software
Free mathematics software for Windows. Individual software packages handle geometry, equations, statistics, discrete math, fractals, matrices, and games.
A parallel linear algebra package from the University of Texas at Austin. It performs vector and matrix manipulations, with a high level of abstraction.
pro Fit
Software for the analysis and visualization of numerical data.
A free mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a common Python-based interface. Details of features, download, and developer information.
Simulations, Models & Worksheets
This website delivers resources for users of Maple, Mathcad and VisSim. It provides engineering and maths worksheets, together with tutorials, hints tips.
Singular Systems: Jep.Net
A .Net library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions.
SpeQ Mathematics
Small, extensive mathematics program with a simple interface. All calculations are entered in a sheet. Users can define variables and functions, and plot graphs of functions.
Spline Forte
A program for Spline interpolation and fitting. It can fit a set of data with several orthogonal polynomials and various Lp norm values. Fitting result can be exported as subroutine. Spline Forte is especially useful for sensors linearization and automatic control.
Graphical frontend for the Maxima computer algebra system.
VisualMath For Java
An online symbolic math and computer algebra system.
Web Components for Mathematics
Java library for creating interactive, graphing applets. Includes WCMGrapher, an application for making graphs to paste into other programs. Free, Windows/Macintosh/Linux
Yacas Computer Algebra System
Acronym for Yet Another Computer Algebra System, an open-source software package. Supports arbitrary precision arithmetic, matrices, and differential and integral calculus.

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