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GPS (Global Positioning System) consists of 24 satellites in orbit. With appropriate receiving equipment the system can be used to determine geographical co-ordinates such as position and height. There are many uses of GPS including navigation, mapping, surveying, and monitoring. This Open Directory Category is for GPS sites that relate to Geomatics, that is the study and measurement of the physical environment of the earth.

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Chartracer Software
Cartographic Software is for making moving maps on which GPS data from a serial port are plotted. Data are tracked remotely via CDPD modems and internet sites.
Suite of data services that brings together the new Earth science products to be produced by spaceborne Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. It serves mainly as a database for GPS occultation observations.
GPS by Globespotter
GPS education, news, hardware, software, and links. Digital mapping.
GPS Drawing
A collection of drawings made with GPS data logging devices.
GPS Forums
Technical and consumer discussion on GPS technology.
GPS Information
Mehaffey, Yeazel and DePriest's site provides dozens of reviews and technical articles on GPS receivers and software, and a huge list of links.
GPS Kwajalein
GPS Ground Station on Kwajalein Island, photographs of the island and site. Links to others GPS sites.
GPS Precise Orbits
Global Positioning System satellite ephemerides ("orbits") information for the general public, from US NOAA. GPS precise orbits are derived using 24 hour data segments from the global GPS network. An informational summary file is provided to document the computation and to convey relevant information about the observed satellites, such as maneuvers or maintenance. Orbits generally are available 2 to 6 days after the observation.
GPS Site from Univ of Texas
Global positioning system overview and bibliography.
Free multiplatform software converts waypoints, tracks and routes from consumer GPS receivers and popular mapping programs, and allows the data to be manipulated. Handles many file formats.
Internet-based Global Differential GPS
C-language software package for GPS-based real-time positioning and orbit determination. Includes system overview, technical papers, and a live demo .
Lowrance Electronics: GPS Tutorial
A tutorial on GPS technology and how it works.
Software for Windows XP or later that works with digital maps bought or scanned. Imports vectorial and DEM data and also can interface Google Maps and Google Earth.
Outdoor Gear Reviews
GPS receiver comparisons.
RLA GeoSystems
Source for GPS information and training. Trimble ProXRS and GeoExplorer3 receivers, top 10 websites, GPS for educators and free help.
Standford University GPS Research Laboratory
Technical and academic papers on GPS technology with a special emphasis on its use in aviation and marine applications.
USCG Navigation Center
GPS, DGPS, LORAN-C, OMEGA, navigation systems, GPS navigation, DGPS navigation.

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