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Astro Nut
Observation reports, photos, equipment reviews, and astronomy tips.
Astro Workgroup Mercator
Amateur astronomy group from Bazel, Belgium, and Veerle Heyman's personal interests in archaeoastronomy.
Information on past, present and future space missions, latest news, astronomy, archaeoastronomy, BOINC and UK astronomy societies.
Personal site with articles on comets, asteroids and other topics.
Astronomy Pages
James Q. Jacobs personal page with essays, downloads, astronomy formulas, constants, planetary data, archeoastronomy and photo galleries.
The Astronomy WebCams Paradise
Amateur astronomy with webcams. Also illustrated lessons and photos in 3D.
Astronomical site including articles about the universe, galaxies, stars, planets and biographies of astronomers. Multilingual.
At the Speed of Light
Varun Khetarpal's astronomy and space travel blog.
Chodakowski's Freeware Links
Links to astronomy, weather, and other science related freeware. Business spreadsheet freeware download.
Clear Sky Tonight
Blog, forum and articles about astronomy for the rest of us, including an astronomy calculator and iPhone applications.
Cool Observatory
Images, information and advice on getting started stargazing. The observatory is situated at Cool, California.
Curt Hall's Amateur Astronomy Site
Astronomy website created for the amateur astronomer and casual observer.
Dan's Astronomy and Physics
Links to astronomy and physics sites.
David Paul Green's Astronomy
Software, book and site reviews, dark sky survey and resume.
Distant Views
Joseph Bauer's personal site with his interests in astronomy and telescopes, equipment and calculators.
Personal webpage of astronomy equipment and photographs.
Ed Bianchina Astronomy
Details of Ed's equipment and a gallery of his astrophotograhy.
Javor Kac - Astrophotography
Jupiter-Venus conjunction, planets, comets, meteors, deep-sky.
Keith's Astro Page
Includes comet and night sky photography with a 35mm SLR camera.
Larry Bogan
A collection of astronomical projects, lectures, and calculations. Orbits, sunspots, occultations, and magnitudes. Other interests include genealogy, soaring and conservation.
Learn More About the Universe
Links, lectures, and photos.
Leos Ondra's Page
Discusses the Goldilocks' variable, Pleiades nebulae, HR diagrams, stellar evolution software, and how to weigh a star.
Littlebear Observatory
Personal deep sky observatory.
Luigi Pizzimenti
A few astronomical images taken by the author.
Marc the Scope Guy
Marc shares his hobby with other amateur astronomers providing telescope reviews and viewing tips, a photo gallery, information on accessories and making equipment cases.
Marcia Bartusiak
Descriptions of author books, listings of her reviews, biographical information, and e-mail contact.
Mini Dome Observatory
Aben Brown designed a small domed observatory to mount above a rooftop hatchway.
Niall Glynn's Space and Astronomy Online
An easy-to-use site providing daily updated news with pictures and weather pages, as well as a shop where you can buy books, scopes, and accessories.
Paul Schlyter
Useful astronomical links.
Philip C. Steffey, Ph.D.
Astronomy and related science including articles on scientific, archaic, educational and popular subjects.
Pictures from Space
A collection of astronomy photos.
Pictures of the Nightsky
Pictures of the earth, moon, planets and the constellations. Includes information on the constellations.
Ryan Laird's Universe
Website of Leicester-based, UK amateur astronomer, graduate of physics with astrophysics and FRAS.
Shawna's Astronomy Page
Discusses composition and special features of the planets, moon, comets, asteroids and extrasolar planets.
Sky Noir
Bill Dickinson writes about astronomy, light pollution, telescopes, observing, the planets, moon and astrophotography.
Star Formation, Molecular Clouds and Freestyle Skiing
John Bally's personal page with links and resources on star formation.
Stargazer Online
Astronomy information with emphasis on the solar system.
Steve's Astronomy Page
Astrophotography, details of his observatory construction, observing and astronomy tips, and links to other sites.
The Tylers
A site for code developers and SETI enthusiasts.
The Venus Transit
A personal astronomy site with articles about stars and planets. Major part of the site is dedicated to the recent transit of Venus.
Results from the Kolkert-Observatory, with a description of the 4 inch instrumented refractor.
Walter's Extragalactic Homepage
An astronomical picture gallery including observation reports, astronomical articles and astro-links.
Weasner's Mighty ETX Site
Resources, discussions and information about Meade ETX astro telescopes.
Welcome to Astrim
Deep sky images, including color pictures, by Chris Deforeit.

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