The city is nestled in the valleys and hills along the Ohio River in Southwestern part of Ohio. The town Losantiville (later to be known as Cincinnati) was founded in 1788 by Mathias Denman, Robert Patterson and Israel Ludlow. The name was changed by General Arthur St. Clair to Cincinnati in honor of the Society of Cincinnati, an organization of Revolutionary War officers founded by George Washington. In 1802, Cincinnati was chartered as a village, and in 1819 incorporated as a city. Large numbers of Germans immigrated to Cincinnati, giving the city a rich European heritage. Cincinnati is known as the "Queen City of the West," which was made famous by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem "Catawba Wine."
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Shopping directory with links, email addresses and maps to businesses in the greater Cincinnati area.
Cincinnati Demographics
A detailed report compiled from 1990 census data that includes population, housing, economic and educational information.
Local guide providing white pages, photo gallery, business, school, and entertainment links.
Citysearch: Cincinnati
Guide to shopping, restaurants, movies, and local events.
Resource for business, education, classifieds, hotel and entertainment information.
Greater Cincinnati Convention & Visitors Bureau
Guide listing hotels, restaurants, attractions, concerts, nightlife.
Lonely Planet World Guide - Cincinnati
Provides an overview of the city including attractions, dining, entertainment and attractions.
Soul Of America - Cincinnati
Locates local Afrocentric resources - the arts, cultural sites, churches, historic sites, black owned restaurants, nightclubs, radio stations, shops, and galleries.
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