The Shetland Islands are the most northerly part of the United Kingdom, with much of the landmass north of 60 degrees latitude. As a result of this, it never gets completely dark in summer (and vice versa, of course!) The islands are a magical place; you can go out for a day's walking and not meet another soul. The weather is renowned for its unpredictability: it is often said, "If you don't like the weather in Shetland, just wait ten minutes, and it will have changed completely!" Despite its remoteness, Shetland is well connected to the Internet and has a surprising number of online sites.

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Allied Taxis
Taxis; offers company profile, details of services, fleet, and contacts.
Fetlar: The Garden of Shetland
All about the island including details of attractions, activities, accommodation, transport and advice about relocating.
Northern Isles Weather
Regularly updated weather information covering Shetland and the Orkneys. Includes a webcam of the current situation in Fair Isle.
Originart Shetland
A virtual tour of Shetland, with several thousand photographs of the Shetland Isles. Also offers computer support services.
Shetland Coastguard
Informs and give an insight into the work of HM Coastguard in the Northern Isles.
Shetland Islands Council
Departmental information and scenes from the most northerly local authority in the UK.
Shetland Stroke Support Group
Offers diary of events, details of committee, newsletters, and contacts.
Shetland Transport
Freight haulage; offers company profile, details of services, and contacts.
Information about the culture, economy, environment and people of the Shetland Islands. Practical advice about living, working and doing business in Shetland.
On-line community; share information, share resources and communicate ideas
We Are 60 Degrees North
Rural life in Shetland with fishing and local characters diarised in photos.
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