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OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project to collect and distribute free geographic data, in order to allow the production of mapping and other geodata products without legal or technical restrictions on their use.

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The Free Wiki World Map – An openly licensed map of the world being created by volunteers using local knowledge, GPS tracks and donated sources. Includes an interactive map and details of how to get involved.
Best of OpenStreetMap
Site showcasing the best and most significant parts of the free world map.
The Guardian: So Where Does OpenStreetMap Go Next?
The online mapping answer to Wikipedia has achieved great things in its first five years. So what now?
A step-by-step beginners' guide to making maps with OpenStreetMap.
Map Kibera
Project to map one of Africa's largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Includes the map, a project wiki, dicussion groups and photos.
Mappa Mercia
Project to help develop and expand OpenStreetMap in the West Midlands region of the UK. Includes an online map, error reporting tool, details of projects, blog, and how to get involved.
Maps Marker Pro
Premium Wordpress plugin, allowing users to pin, organize and share their favorite spots and tracks. Site includes details of features, reviews, showcases, FAQ, and full documentation.
Open Maps
Blog from Chris Hill detailing his progress with editing and using OpenStreetMap.
OpenCage Data
Commercial service providing a variety of custom extracts of OpenStreetMap data. Includes details of services available and pricing.
OpenStreetMap Foundation
An international non-profit organisation supporting the OpenStreetMap project. Includes constitution, details of meetings, finances, working groups, and a list of board members and officers.
OpenStreetMap: Using and Improving the Free World Map
Website to accompany a German-language book about the OSM project. [Some site content in German only.]
State of the Map US
Annual United States conference for all OpenStreetMap users. Includes details of events, and signup information.
Switch 2 OSM
Advocacy site which encourages websites to switch to OSM for their online maps. Includes technical information and case studies.
Tool allowing users to create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a embed them in their own websites.
Wikipedia: OpenStreetMap
Encyclopedia article about the open mapping project, with history, details of techniques, licensing information, and usage.
SotM Baltics 2013
Information about the conference, program of talks, and links to videos and slides. (August 03, 2013)
Comparison of the accuracy of OpenStreetMap for Ireland with Google Maps and Bing Maps - NUI Maynooth ePrints and eTheses Archive
Paper that considers five case-study cities and towns and compares spatial coverage, currency, and ground-truth positional accuracy. No clear winner is found amongst the three mapping platforms. (July 20, 2010)
MapQuest Dev Blog: MapQuest Opens Up – in the UK
Post detailing MaoQuest's experimental use of OSM data. (July 09, 2010)

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