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Airline Humor
Airline employees can add their humorous or dark stories here.
Angela Gillaspie's SouthernAngel
The "Redneck Bombeck" takes you all through the interesting feats of Southern motherhood.
Angela's Humor Columns
Humorous stories and commentary on a variety of subjects.
Annoying Neighbors
Read stories and post your own about bad experiences with neighbors.
Anonymous Revenge
Read these stories of revenge sent in by our readers.
Beryl the Gnome
Stories and general humor related to Gnomes.
Des and Mick Online
Stories, pictures, humor and an introduction to the bizarre world of Des and Mick. By Robert Williams.
Don's Dizzy Dragon
Humor magazine of original stories, satire, fables , and games.Updated weekly. A jokes library.
Fairly Twisted Tales
A short collection of well-known fairy tales that have been warped into a twisted mess.
Funny Stories
50 funny and humorous stories from short stories to long stories.
The FunnyGuy
Lampoons love, psychology, business, politics, and positive thinking!
I Used to Believe
Several thousand examples of funny or bizarre childhood beliefs, organised by topic.
Imitation Pickles
A life-changing, emotionally charged collection of bizarre tales, Java games and things written by Philip the man Hassey.
The Magic Man
Creative nonfiction writings by George McClure.
Man 1, Bank 0
The story of a man who deposited a junk mail fake check for $95,000.
Matts House
Read "The Cause" and "Jigoku-Sama's Restricted Romance."
Mission Implausible
Follow humor writer Suzanne Schlosberg as she attempts to compensate for 33 years of irrelevance by going on a wild binge of volunteering.
Mr. Misadventure Strikes Again
A work in progress about a particularly angry and unpleasant individual who seeks vengeance as he sees fit.
Muddled Ones, Inc.
Humorous stories and poetry by Bobert Fishbone and friends.
My Two Cents Worth
Articles, reviews, commentaries and essays with an irreverent view of the world.
An archive of original stories submitted by otherwise undiscovered comedy writers.
Pete TV
Features the "lost" Seinfeld episode, the Weekly Pete, Barfly, and the Dear Abby prank.
Stories that have what people find annoying, bizarre, mundane, or just plain ridiculous in life. Visitors can also submit their own stories.
A humor site where people who work in retail can post their anecdotes about their jobs, and customers.
RLA's Joywagon Spectacular
Both chapters from RLA's commentary on life, and writings from other visitors.
Rowena's Page
A continuing series of mostly humorous short stories about a young woman's life.
Selected Works of Henry E. Panky
Features articles, reviews, shorts and archives. Includes author biography.
Stories To Brighten Your Day
Animated, musical humor and whimsical stories and story poems, plus a holiday page for each month.
The Tennessee Firefly
A weekly humor column, jokes, archives, and cartoons by Sheila Moss.
Thats Embarrassing!
Collection of stories from work, relationships, family and school.
Three Students' Revenge
Three college students relieve stress by holding a book-burning at the end of the semester.
True Stories
Many more short stories.
Unspeakably Stupid Stories
A twisted, immature individual's adventures.
The Vomitorium
This is a place for people all over the world to share their humorous vomit stories.
Written Humor
A collection of original humorous writing organized by genre.

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