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Doug Craigen's Huge Physics Humor Collection
May be the most linked-to physics humor site on the web because of its very large link collection.
Physics and Science Fun
Fun with physics, science jokes, cartoons, anecdotes, and stories.
Angels on a Pin
The possibly true story of the many possible ways of determining the height of a building using only a barometer.
BBspot - Overclocker Creates Rift in Space-Time Continuum
A rift in the space-time continuum was created when overclocker Jamie Aperman ran a 750 MHz Coppermine Pentium III at 1.6 GHz. It appears that the CPU was operating so fast that it began to execute instructions before they arrived.
Einstein, Heisenberg, Tipler
A story of interviews between these men and God, intended to determine if they should enter Heaven.
Evil Squirrels and Physicists
Squirrels are known to hate mankind. First they got the midgets, now they eat the physicists.
First Atomic Clock Wristwatch
A HP 5071A Cesium Beam Primary Frequency Reference can in fact be used as a wrist watch. You have a choice of stainless steel or adjustable nylon band.
The Non Abelian Names of God
A scientific paper parody which includes "The Theory Formerly Known as Strings","The Stages of a Theory" and a dictionary of common phrases.
The Physics Crackpot Index
A fun site which outlines how you can tell if a new theory is really from a crackpot.
Physics Limericks
Poems from the contests sponsored by the American Physical Society.
Physics Song Book
New physics lyrics to classic tunes.
Songs, and links to sites with more of them.
Politically Correct Physics
Revised physics course descriptions.!
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Particle Data Group welcomes you to see its Quark Dance website which is a gateway to many exciting physics websites.
SatireWire - Scientist Splits Atom, Finds Toy Prize Inside
A Princeton physicist recently split an atom of hydrogen and found a toy prize inside, the journal Science reported in its June issue. [Contains fictitious information.]
Sokal's Hoax
"Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity".
The Super G-String
A parody of modern string theories written in the form of a research paper.
Super G-String Field Theory
A sequel to the original paper on g-string theory.
Theological Thermodynamics
This document reproduces two classics of science parody/humor. The first applies the physics of thermodynamics to conclude that Heaven is hotter than Hell. The second is a response which combines Biblical evidence with thermodynamics to argue that, while heaven is devilishly hot, hell is hotter still.
BBspot - Half-Life 2 Physics Engine Contains Grand Unified Theory
Physicists at Cornel-Putnam University (CPU) confirmed yesterday the Holy Grail of Physics, the Grand Unified Theory, is contained in the Half-Life 2 source code. (December 01, 2003)

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