Though everyone has their own definition of "satire," all the sites in this section should fit this one: Keeness and severity of remark; caustic exposure to reprobation; trenchant wit; sarcasm

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Al Qaeda News
Terrorist sleeper cell activation page.
The BilgeBucket Gazette
Headline, archives and a disclaimer that promises to shovel it in the name of free speech. Features humor at the expense of deities, political parties, religion and humans in general.
Black People Love Us
A fictional white couple and their flubbed attempts to relate to black people.
Bob's Fridge Door
Features include Skewpoint, Stuff, Not for Dummies, Parody Section and About Bob. Since 1999.
The Brushback
Online news magazine covering the USA sports scene.
The Bureau of Missing Socks
Devoted to solving the mystery. Features explanations, literature and questionnaire.
Business Park Observer
Keeping an eye on a business park across the street. Offers observations from May through September 2003. Then the author had to move.
Making fun of the stuff that makes up daily life. Features fake news, reviews, and Crudpants links.
Comedy Avenue
Offers a feature story, archives, and the Horny Men's Club Novel.
The Cool Guy Files
Explores cool male archetypes, sayings and lifestyles.
Culture, politics, history and railways with a Sri Lankan theme.
The Culture Department
Categories include high school correspondent, the guys, Dante's pit of advice, web cam and the Hollywood geek machine.
The Cynical Web Site
A source quotes and Murphyisms. Features a dictionary.
Denounce Newswire
Parodies of company press releases.
The Devil's Digital Dictionary
Modern phrases and buzzwords explained and defined.
Contains short stories, including wildebeests, cornbread stealing ghosts and an alcoholic teddy bear named Fromage Boudreaux that hires hookers, steals cars/planes, and eats rice. The content is updated daily.
The Dumbing Down of America
Essays and ramblings by Val Peterson.
Duncan Expose
Sections include news, opinions, and columnists.
End Evil
Satirical news, political articles and quotes. Also features movie and game reviews.
The Enduring Vision
Featuring satirical news stories, and humorous pictures. Updated weekly.
Commentary on celebrities, events and current affairs.
Features misfortune cookies, 101 least lists, and the giant angry weblog.
A Few Leftover Shorties
Features articles of humor, parodies, and satire.
Fraudutek Industries
Spoof corporation presents goals and products.
Get Odd
Bogus news featuring fun and games, pranks and tricks, and stories.
Offers user articles, daily thoughts, polls and commentary,
Home Of The Right Wing Conspiracy
Farcical monthly rant to members.
A Hopeless World
Murphy's laws, quotes, taglines, last words, sayings of losers, and funny definitions.
Humor Is Dead
Features social and political critique. Departments include an archive, movies, gallery and tech review.
Humor Me Online
Interactive commentary on current affairs, news, media and other topics. Visitors can submit material or take part in a contest.
Hutchinson and Manning Studios
Commentary on people as well as random stories.
Features commentary and Flash animations about celebrities, current event, politics and war.
In A Perfect World
Offers a monthly article and a history of the author.
International Institute of Not Doing Much
The creation of British-American writer Christopher Richards. Sporadic story updates from Once-In-A-Blue-Moon Communications. The site addresses time poverty, advocates for counter-urgency, and imagines sophisticated life in the slow lane. Humor and philosophy.
It Sucks to be Joe
Features a so called real life soap opera. Offers a cast of characters and the stories.
Jiggs Casey
Targets include politics, movies, music, relationships, college life, and booty.
Jimmy Wellington
A collection of stories and an archive.
Fake funny horoscopes, spoof news, and political satire.
Les Pages aux Folles
Weekly topical rantings about politics, entertainment and the everyday.
Movie Juice
Sarcastic reviews. Features a diary and archives.
Muskrat News
Features research reports and line of the day. Lampooning foreign affairs and ranting.
Facetious, but realistic shops. Also features Store and Neurad Technologies.
Reviews and observations. Updated sporadically.
Syndicated newspaper column featuring offbeat articles.
The Onion
A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.
Only in America
Offers droll reports on human activities.
Outside the Asylum
Features include worldviews, stray thoughts, women, sex and about the author.
Pitabrunch, Satura Lanx
Satirical commentary about Israeli society.
A collection of corporate attitudes, press releases, and a mission statement. Includes a user liability statement.
Sarcastic takes on pop culture, tv, movies, radio, celebs.
Postcards from the Pug Bus
Commentary on news and current events.
The Prague Stepchild
Collection of fictitious news stories from around the world.
Progressive Boink
Articles and reviews on popular culture, society and the media.
The Reader's Doglist
Sections include articles, recipes, and activities.
Rob Bloom
Humorous comment on news and current events plus original cartoons.
Sake-Drenched Postcards
Delivers a weekly column that features Japanese culture.
The Satirist
Cultural journal. Features trends in arts, literature and politics.
Offers interplanetary, extraterrestrial paranoia.
The Shrubbery
Rants, raves, and comedy. Features columns, movie and music reviews, and archives.
A collection of articles, comics and forums commenting on the ordinary and the every day.
The Simon
Weekly articles, stories and features. Includes an archive.
Sister Randy
Sister Randy is a smoking nun who shoots from the lip and wears a sexy Freudian slip beneath her conservative black habit.
A directory of unintended web humor. Features religious, the arts, the office, and the news.
So You've Decided to be Evil
Primer detailing the eight essential steps to becoming a successful member of the forces of darkness.
A look at sports reporting. Features stories, radio, the wire, about us and archives.
Fake current events with a sports theme.
The Stray Lake Signal-Gazette
A fictional weekly newspaper about a small town and its citizens.
Subpoena Power
Features a tongue-in-cheek civic action game. The objective is to save the republic by finding the trustworthy congressmen and vanquishing the corrupt ones.
Features social and political commentary, and humorous fiction. Also accepts reader contributions.
The Theme Farm Observer
Animated mockery of current events and opinions. Features top stories, forum and sneak previews.
Thorax Corporation
Faux corporate lampooning bad web pages, ebusiness, and internet scams.
The Toilet Paper
A collection of rants and stories from 1997-2000. Includes an award review.
Features the online ranting forum for the Wakendaw Bunch. From Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.
Truth Be Known
Features stories, random quotes and rants from Rabbit and Weasel.
Turtle Portal
Features include Trans Global Chronicle, Time Machine Tribune, Godzorro, Kingpin Tin, Killer Greely and World Stealth. Offers animated presentations, magazine formats, commentary and stories.
The Valley Online
Offers a rant, fiction and archives. Includes contact info.
The Van Gogh-Goghs
Essays, parodies, and sketch comedy. Features include Dr. Sodas, career slumps, and VGGTV.
The World According to Pete
Politics, pop culture, society-at-large, relationships according to the weblog author.
World Chaos Disorganization
Official site of the WCD, the world's largest non-government military industrial conglomerate

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