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The battle of the genders! What a great topic for jokes, humor and fun. Sites in Recreation:Humor:Relationships helps us laugh at ourselves. Anti-men and women sites can be found here as well as some funny tests and stories!

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Funny relationship and love pictures.
Answers to Men's Questions
Answers to fifty questions asked of and about women by male readers of Maxim magazine.
Bitter Slut
An open look at bitter breakups with articles and revenge stories.
Black Hearts Party
A place for the bitter and jaded to celebrate the grim realities of love.
Offers free email text generator to help you end your relationship by email.
Christine's Creations
Humorous, serious and romantic articles about relationships.
Documenting real break up letters, anonymously online. Reality TV in a weblog.
Frankely My Dear
Blog from writer, Laurie Frankel.
Ladder Theory
Funny and scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other.
Male, Female, Neuterale
A collection of jokes and pictures about relationships and gender.
Men Still Think With Their Clubs
Excerpts from a humorous book featuring the diary of a seductive Stone Age cave woman and her exploits.
Mood Swingers
A light-hearted look at what to do and not to do after you've been dumped.
Mother-in-Law Stories
Sharing fun stories about mother-in-laws.
Pickup Lines Galore!
A massive collection of funny pickup lines sorted by category.
Planet of the Exes
A comical look at divorce, breaking up, and relationships.
Platonic Relationships
Joelogon's Foolproof Guide to Making Any Woman Your Platonic Friend.
Pseudo-Science of Love!
A light-hearted attempt at trying to apply logic and reasoning to the madness of love and relationships.
ReaniMate Dating Humor
Dating blog. A collection of humorous articles and blurbs revolving around dating anew.
Brutally honest dating and relationship advice for the cynical, bitter and jaded. Relationship Humor
Small collection of jokes about relationships, marriage, weddings, and divorce.
Whack Your Ex
A fun, animated game where you can whack your ex.
Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend
A proof, using simple statistical calculus, of why it is impossible to find a girlfriend.
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