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This category is for parody sites - sites that poke fun at actual businesses, products etc by pretending to be them. If you're unsure which sub category to submit your site to, please send it to Recreation: Humor: Parodies .

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Firm gives you the dog, and then sells you the food.
The Big Box
Fictional large retailer, operating mega-malls that close all other local businesses down.
The Brothers Grinn
Parodies, spoofs and interviews with people like Scott Kurtz, creator of the web comic PvP, and Robert Darden of The Door Magazine.
Cats For Gold
Exchanges old jewelry and unwanted bullion for felines.
Crazy Horoscopes
Twisted and warped personal predictions.
Offers spoofs of cultural poetry.
Fantastic and unbelievable gadgets and accessories for the home.
A HorrorScope
Parody of late Jeane Dixon's "Your Horroscope".
No matter what system your business runs, no matter what your databand needs, iCyberserve will be there.
The International University of Nescience
The leader in apathetic and agnostic education since the second Millennium.
Laze's Diet Plan
Never has there been such a fast way to lose weight...
Lip Balm Anonymous
Save yourself from lip balm addiction. Find out if you have a problem, learn from others in recovery, and find out more about the Industry of Addiction.
Claiming to be the market leader in mail order male spouses.
Men In Kilts
Poems and jokes related to and celebrities wearing kilts.
Mexicans in Black
Investigates the appearance of illegal aliens in the New Mexico desert. Includes agent profiles and weapon information.
Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up
Concerned individuals who want to stop peeing standing up, support the victims (those who have to clean up), and prevent unnecessary urine stream fragmentation.
National Center for Irresponsible Gambling
Claims to be the only national organization devoted to funding research geared towards promoting and advancing pathological and youth betting.
National Lawn Care Now
A grassroots movement for social justice offering equal lawns for all.
The Official Musical Sciences Web Page
Comedy, fake movie news and video clips.
Pea City News & Events
Pea City, Landsfill County's guide to real estate, careers, finance, and opportunities.
Peoples Democratic Republic of Birmingham
The official website of the Chairman. Includes contributions by the Minister for Re-education.
Just because the world changes, doesn't mean underwear has to be changed.
Phatboy's House of Phat
This site is so phat that it should go on a diet.
Planet of the Apes - funkified!
A parody of the classic sci-fi film.
Postcard Madness
A lampoon of the practice of sending travel postcards while on vacation as a not-so-subtle means of bragging, using real life examples.
Preparing for Emergencies
By the HM Department of Vague Paranoia. Advice nobody should really follow.
A parody on Corporate America, its business practices and products.
Reuben Kinkade - Painter of Stuff
Parodies of Thomas Kinkade paintings, featuring the work of his long-lost brother, Reuben (formerly manager of The Partridge Family).
Fake pornography, television shows and assorted video clips.
The Slingshot
Parody of British Victorian and Edwardian juvenile periodicals, featuring thrilling and unlikely adventure stories and articles.
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects
Promotes insect welfare primarily in the United Kingdom but also throughout the world.
Homeland Alert System parody.
The University of Lucastan
A parody of a full-featured institution of higher learning.
Spoof product enabling you to empathise with the suffering of people portrayed in the media.
Wow - Whatta Dorcus!
Offers a collection of men's fashion photography from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Includes company history.
YD Industries
Features a pseudo-company that skewers the heart of consumer culture. Offers a catalog of products, advertisements, and company bulletins.
Zombie Squad
A community and forum for enthusiasts to share ideas for preparing for zombie outbreaks.

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