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A category for all the strange, weird, off kilter and generally bizarre sites out there.

You won't find knock knock jokes in here, just good old surreal fun.

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Original and classic weird comedy, featuring political comment, the worst of the web, spoof interviews and comment on sports, current events and celebrities.
Am I Wasted?
Rate how wasted various people look. Visitors can submit their own photographs.
Computer generated encyclopaedia, giving randomly collected definitions to words and concepts.
Avery Ant
A stop motion ranting ant gives his opinions. Requires Flash.
Badass of the Week
Commentary and essays on pointless issues, movie reviews, and the Badass of the Week.
Belly Dancing Fun And Frolic
Jokes, cartoons and animations, silly poems and songs, and other mayhem related to belly dancing.
Bog Goblin
Ask questions, piss on people you hate, and find out about things you'd never consider.
Random humor, bizarre stories, links and squid.
Catalogue Of Ridiculous Records
A list of ridiculous world records.
Highlights weird news, strange events and odd sites.
The original site for those who have an aversion to the grease-painted ones.
Visitors can trade souls online.
Music, offroading, trucks, mullets, duct tape, winches, and anything else Derd.
Duck Travels
A rubber duck that has travelled around the world. Readers can submit photos of their ducks on holiday.
Duct Tape Guys
Humor and satire from wrapped and warped characters.
Earl Vickers Museum of Conceptual Art
Featuring projects such as the Bible in Pig Latin, a random self-abuse synonym generator, prank letters, and the Church of the Almighty Dollar.
Frozen Dead Guy
Frozen in dry ice since 1993. Here is the "story" of the Cryonics of Grandpa Bredo.
HogWild Comedy
Topical and offbeat jokes, pictures and rants.
I-Mockery's Rom Hack Reviews
Humorous reviews that take an in-depth look at some of the strangest video game from hacks ever created. Includes bizarre screenshots, animations and downloads.
Institute of Official Cheer
Chipper, spiffy, feather-light post-modern commentary on commercial culture.
John Fanzine
Contents include TV Wonder, Special Report: Missiles, Think Puff, and Disparate Dan. Offers cartoons, satire, rants, and an archive.
Jolene's Trailer Park Haven
Learn about trailer park living.
The Lair of the Crab
The Guru answers all questions on any issue whatsoever. Includes shockwave games and links.
Leon's Random Site
This site generates band names and song lyrics randomly from a database of words.
LeRoy TeleVision
A trip in the world of LeRoy TeleVision.
Mad Martian Museum of Modern Madness
Dedicated to eyeballs, brains, insects, Jell-O, Godzilla, and other oddities. Includes gift shop and online ordering.
Offbeat look at shopping centers and other photos.
Mr. Smarty Pants Knows
Search through Mr. Smarty Pants' vast base of knowledge about accordions, flan, Texas, and washaterias.
The New Site of the Weird
Strange is spoken here. Weird photos, links, and message boards.
The No Clown Zone
A website for people who are afraid of, or just plain hate, creepy, evil clowns.
Off the Deep End
"Off the Deep End," humor columns by Steve Dunham that have appeared in Commuter Weekly.
The Official Outhouses of America Tour
Tour of outhouses of America.
the Ofishul Pauly C Paiyje
Dedicated to the laziest man alive.
Oomphoophoo's House of Strangeosity
Our monkey-faced goddess of love takes us on a tour of some common oddities.
Perpetual Bubblewrap
This stuff comes right back as soon as you've popped it.
Phoons from Around the World
Invites people from around the world send in pictures standing on one foot in interesting settings.
Pool Cleaners from Distant Planets
Aliens give reviews of pop culture, rants, opinions, and answers to questions.
Rancid Bob
A stupid 'zine with stupid content.
Real Ultimate Power: The Official Ninja Webpage
Obsessive, widely parodied ninja-related humor
Scampton Manor Veterinary Optician, The
A curious collection of absurd art, ludicrous language courses, crazy conjectures plus a weird weekly poem.
Sensory Deprivation
The things your mother never told you about - from organ trading to Scientology to facial hair of the future.
Photographs and commentary about people interfering with statues in an obscene manner.
Animations, writings, tales of the London Underground, disturbing journals and badgers.
Vanity License Plates
List of vanity plates from personal observations, people's submissions and also from postings in the usenet newsgroup.
Virtual Bubblewrap
All about this versatile wrapping material, the etiquette of how to use it, plus virtual bubblewrap to pop against the clock.
Weird Crap
Strange diversions, original stories, games and comics.

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