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Avenues that support and foster citizen journalism, the act of people "playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information". [Quote from We Media: How Audiences are Shaping the Future of News and Information, by Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis].

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People in the UK sharing items of interest to discuss and rank the latest news items. Create a profile and submit content.
Citizen journalism site for posting news, information and events. Currently covering California, Illinois, Maryland and Virginia.
Barefoot Workshops
Details about a not-for-profit body offering workshops in documentary film making. Project list and gallery showcases the use of participatory video in the developing world to address issues such as HIV/AIDS, displacement, natural disaster, and youth empowerment.
Register to vote and discuss items listed in news directory.
Project enabling people to write about news events in their U.S. city. Contributors' input ranked according to popularity.
CNN: I-Reports
Accepts video, photos and audio from a computer or cell phone. A compilation of news items submitted by citizen journalism.
News and information covering the San Mateo county communities. Open for readers to post stories, add to the conversation, or ask a question.
Resource for news, information, pictures and events relevant to the Ozarks, Missouri.
Global Voices
A focal point for citizens’ media. Providing training, online tutorials, and free open-source tools for people around the world to use safely to express themselves. Offers weblog, wiki, and aggregator of international weblogs.
Hypergene MediaBlog
Dealing with participatory journalism, and how audiences shape tomorrow's news. Written by media design consultants Chris Willis and Shayne Bowman.
Alternative information source and community forum for Brattleboro, VT.
Platform where citizens can share news and debate general issues. Content tends to focus on events in India.
Find feature news content from a citizen journalist site with a focus on India. [RSS]
A platform for public journalism. Submit insights and opinions, news and events.
Muncie Free Press
Publishing citizen and volunteer submitted journalism for East Central Indiana. Includes user guide, blogs, frequently asked questions, and contact form.
Register to add a news story, comment or write a column. Open source, community news service, which lets members customize the news viewed.
OhmyNews International
Online newspaper with the motto "every citizen is a reporter". The majority of articles are written by freelance contributors.
Publish A Letter .com
Send letters to the editor of any English language newspaper in the world. In case the letter is not printed, post the letter also on this site.
Register and write articles on any sports-related event. Vote, discuss and set the forum's agenda.
Universal Hub
Group of bloggers in Boston write about community news and information.
That’s “wicked” as in “very” – not “witch.” Provides tools for New England communities to write stories, join forums, post events, upload videos and publish pictures.
Wikinews:Wikinews needs you!
Explains the basics of writing articles for the Wikinews community, how to edit a page, plus links to the newsroom and tips on how to ask for help.
Grassroots local news site covering community events in Winnipeg, Canada. Contribute, comment and blog.
Your Hub
Community site to share stories and photos, events, weblog items and classifieds among USA-based neighborhoods.

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