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Blue Feathers on Fire
Irreverent and off the wall articles, jokes, culture and comment across all aspects of modern day living.
Brennan, Angie - Humor Writer, Cartoonist, and Illustrator
Spoof advice, musings, and humorous stories on everything from refined sugar to blogging.
Cameron, W. Bruce - The Cameron Column
Humor columnist for Denver's Rocky Mountain News.
Chartrand, David - Humor Columnist
Essays about life, death, love, families, parents and children that have been reprinted in newspapers and magazines coast to coast.
D'Arcangelo, Lyndsey
Site of creative writer, copywriter for The Buffalo News, novelist, and columnist for Outcome, a gay and lesbian monthly magazine.
Davis, Sven
An archive of columns and features relating to the arts, media, advice, how-to, and social commentary.
Dodson, Paul - Observations of an Unimportant Man
Travel and humor writing - depraved, deprived, often downright demented.
Durai, Melvin - Humor of Melvin Durai
Humor columns and mailing list from lifestyles to politics.
Eisenberg, Irv - Long Island Sleuth
Serious Humor. "The Truth Lies Within."
Gagliardi, Greg - Progressive Revelations
The weekly saga is a stream-of-consciousness look at the very small things in life.
Haught, Robert - Haughtline Dweethly
An online magazine updated daily, weekly, monthly. Besides news and commentary, its sections cover a wide variety of topics
Herrera, Tim - Tim's Family Room
Family oriented humor site from award-winning writer, public speaker and family columnist.
Hogan, Phil - Guardian Columnist UK
Self-deprecating humorist focuses on everyday and family life.
Hyland, Adam - The Hy Five
Personal commentary with a decided smirk on everything. If it happened and it's stupid, he will make fun of it.
Jacks, Beth Boswell - Snippets
Syndicated columnist, book author, and freelance writer whose weekly column appears in a number of southern newspapers.
Kaiser, Frank - Suddenly Senior
Reports from the front lines of the profound and funny experience of becoming a geezer.
Kane, Madeleine Begun - Humor Columnist
Award winning Raising Kane humor columns about computers, jobs, cars, workplace, travel, technology, the Internet, and other aggravations.
Karo, Aaron - Ruminations
Bi-weekly column pondering life as a recovering frat boy with mailing list of over 50,000 subscribers.
Lautens, Stephen - Virtually Stephen Lautens
Humor column that appears weekly in the Calgary Sun, Winnipeg Sun and the London Free Press. Also an archive of past columns and a tribute to Gary Lautens.
Loebig, Dave - Random Digressions
Often tongue-in-cheek and humorous commentary, but sometimes serious commentary.
Mad Dog Weekly
Doing it Doggy Style, and a humor column.
Martin, John - Dunno
Australian writes humor on the funny side of life.
McKay, Peter - HomeMaking
Columns from a syndicated humor columnist and home repair demon.
Moss, Sheila - Humor Columnist
Humor columnist writes funny stories and witty commentary. Humor newsletter, archive of humor columns and other funny stuff.
O'Farrell, John - Guardian UK
Biting humor about everyday life, politics, government and business. Includes archives from his weekly Guardian column and links to his latest books.
Olsen, Suzanna - Gentle Humor for Everyday Women
Articles to tickle women who are not desperate housewives, dodge life's curveballs like they were the papparazzi, and have a sense of humor about it.
Papandrew, Jackie - Airing My Dirty Laundry
Columnist delves deep into the laundry basket of life, exposing everything from a spouse's sexual silliness to a teenager's text message tantrums. Dive in and discover a hamper full of hilarity!
Pascucci, Maria - Creative Type
Full-time freelance writer whose work appears regularly in The Buffalo News and several other publications.
Perry, Peary - Letters from North America
Weekly humor and general commentary column covering topics ranging from men/women relationships to space travel.
Purcell, Tom - Humor Columnist
A nationally syndicated humor columnist and satirist based in Washington, D.C.
Rearick, Cappy Hall - Simply Southern
Read columns that will make you laugh and make you cry, bringing the South alive for you.
Ricci, Steven - From the Hip
Articles by award-winning humorist
Richards, J.K. - The Village Idiom
Observational humor columnist whose rural roots flavor his views.
Rochelle, Michael - Mikeyllo's Lounge
Humor from a Baltimore writer and journalism student.
Southern Humorists - A Humor Writers' Group
Southern humorists are writers, columnists, and others who aspire to entertain with humor, southern style.
Spector, Lincoln - The Link Inspector
Award-winning author, humorist, and technology columnist.
Spiers, Wally - Wally's Words
A collection of columns about everyday life by a Belleville News Democrat writer.
Steyn, Mark
Current and archived columns about politics, arts and culture from the Canadian humorist. Includes links to the worldwide papers carrying his columns and book ordering details.
Townsend, David N. - The Beanstalk
A humor column, covering current events, ideas, travel, personal experiences, and esoterica, with a tinge of social consciousness.
Van Ostrand, Maggie
Opinionated, humorous weekly column about people, places and things, that currently appears in several publications online and in print.
Waters, George - Humor Columnist
Winner of the Will Rogers Writing Contest writes a humor column in Southern California about life in suburbia - from skunk attacks to traffic school to fear of flying.
Workman, Morris - Workman Chronicles
Humor columnist shares his "odd-servations" and twisted perspectives on small-town living, national news, sports, and societal whims. Featured weekly in the Desert Valley Times, Nevada.
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