Kids and Teens Pre-School
Sites in this category are aimed at children who cannot yet read. Subject matter should interest children up to about the age of 5, although there will naturally be some overlap with the 6-7 year age group. Topics include learning letters, numbers, shapes, and colors through lessons, and games.

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Activities in the Sunshine Room
[ Kids ] Online games, activities, and printable coloring pages to teach and reinforce basic skills.
Ashley Marie's Playground for Kids
[ Kids ] Includes games, photos, songs, animations, and basic French.
Bry-Back Manor
[ Kids ] Craft and activity ideas, and some Macintosh computer fun.
[ Kids ] Features interactive games, activities and puzzles.
[ Kids ] Online games and educational activities for Pre-K and kindergarten children.
Fun with Spot
[ Kids ] Includes games, activities, and printable coloring pages featuring Spot and his friends. Requires Shockwave.
[ Kids ] Online learning games that teach numbers, alphabet, shapes and colors.
[ Kids ] Offers educational online stories and teaches objects, letters, shapes and colors.
Identifying Time - The Hour
[ Kids ] Match the clock face to the time. Requires Flash plug-in.
[ Kids ] Games and activities for children age 2 and up. Includes coloring book fun, memory game, counting and letters.
Jeb, The Giraffe
[ Kids ] Fun character that introduces his friends and offers coloring pages.
KidsCom Jr.
[ Kids ] Features games, coloring pages, art projects, stories, and other interactive content.
Kikki's Workshop
[ Kids ] Learn about construction machines such as bulldozers or dump trucks. In Japanese and English.
Kiz Club
[ Kids ] Features activities and lessons to learn letters, crafts, and about a range of topics.
Literacy Center
[ Kids ] Games with sound that teach shapes, colors, letters, numbers and keyboarding. Requires Flash plug-in.
[ Kids/Teens ] Play games, check show times, and check in on Bert and Ernie, Franklin, Miffy and the gang.
Nicky's Nursery Rhymes
[ Kids ] A collection of nursery rhymes and songs to share and enjoy, with pictures to print off and color in.
Nursery Rhymes and Silly Stuff
[ Kids ] Rhymes, pictures and music.
Nursury Tutor
[ Kids ] Test number, letter, colors, and shapes knowledge with this tool.
Peep and the Big Wide World
[ Kids ] Play science games and activities with Peep. Television show on IVO, TLC and Discovery Kids.
Peter Rabbit Fun and Games
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] With coloring pages, e-cards, games, activities, stories, and a description of the characters.
Rebus Rhymes :
[ Kids ] Preschoolers paint online while picking out the words they can read in their favorite rhymes.
Theodore and Tilly-Bear's Funsite
[ Kids ] Stories and things to do introduced by two teddy bears.

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