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Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Living
[ Kids/Teens ] Guides to help make wise choices about daily living.
In the Mix
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Online companion to the PBS broadcast, with resources and information for teens and educators on sports participation.
It's Time to Play
[ Kids ] Tells how to get great exercise no matter what the weather is like or who's around.
Jumping Rope
[ Kids/Teens ] Instructions on the equipment needed, variations, muscle groups exercised, and basic workout tips for jump rope beginners.
Sprint Training for Developing Athletes
[ Kids/Teens ] Training information for young and beginning sprinters. Aimed at athletes as young as 8. From Sydney Athletics.
Taking the Pressure Off Sports Competition
[ Kids ] Explains why some kids feel pressure while competing and tell what do it if it happens to you.
Tone Teen: Take Charge of Your Health
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Article tells how genes affect weight, how to get active, ways to watch what you eat, and staying healthy. [PDF]
What if I Don't Like Sports?
[ Kids ] Article explains why some kids don't like sports and other ways to get exercise.
What's the Right Weight for Me?
[ Kids ] Explains why some kids weigh more, what a healthy weight means, when to see a doctor, and tips for eating and exercise.
Why Exercise Is Cool
[ Kids/Teens ] Tells why exercise is important and explores the many benefits of physical activity.

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