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Informative sites related to runaways and their families. Examples include national and regional runaway hotlines, databases of missing children, research and other documented information on runaways, and personal accounts by runaways and their families.

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Child CyberSEARCH Canada
Maintains a database of missing Canadian children and offers educational information related to runaways and abducted children.
Covenant House
One of the largest privately-funded childcare agencies in the U.S., Covenant House provides services to homeless and runaway youth. The website addresses both youth considering running away and their parents, and offers information and confidential hotlines.
Keep Your Children Safe
Tips to prevent a teen from running away or being lured away, and what to do first if a child is missing.
Missing Indian Kids
Site designed to help locate missing children in India.
National Runaway Switchboard
This 24-hour hotline service for U.S. parents and youth offers crisis intervention, message service, educational information, referrals, and runaway searches.
Precious Heart: Archives: Runaway Children
The site provides bibliographies of publications related to the runaway experience in various categories such as "international works", "bibliographies and resource books", "shelters, law enforcement and psychology", and "legal, congresses and legislation".
The Runaway Game
This "choose-your-own-adventure" style hypertext novel with 20 different endings was created to help teenagers understand the realities of life as a runaway. At the end of each chapter, readers make choices which lead to different scenarios. Paperback version is available for purchase.
Runaway Lives: Personal Stories and Reflections by Runaways and Their Families
Forum for runaways and their family members to share their experiences through writings or images.
StandUp For Kids On-Line
Recipient of national (U.S.) awards and recognition, StandUp For Kids is an all volunteer organization working on the streets to help runaway and homeless youth.
Youth Link of America
Nonprofit organization devoted to helping runaway and homeless youth find the resources needed. Contains events and newsletter.

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