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Almost A Dad
Information for expectant fathers on how to care for pregnant women, the baby, and themselves, physically and emotionally during pregnancy.
American Pregnancy Association
Articles on pregnancy wellness, complications, loss, labor and birth.
The Aquanatal Register
An online directory of aquanatal exercise classes available to expectant mothers in the UK and Ireland.
Ask Dr. Amy.com
Ask Dr. Amy questions about pregnancy, missed periods, and women's health. Take a pregnancy quiz.
Aunt Sally's Pregnant
Take this online quiz about how to have a healthy pregnancy, and learn how to prevent common birth disorders.
Babies, Bumps and Kids
Includes pages for expecting parents to access with details of members of the group, recipes, and health issues.
The baby's coming
Advice and solid recommendations for expectant moms on pregnancy, labor, delivery, babies and toddlers
Baby's Play
Online communities and pregnancy resources.
BabyCenter - Labor and Delivery
Find out how to prepare for childbirth, what your birthing options are and complications that may arise. Plus, make your own birth plan for a smooth delivery.
Birth Partners Search Service
Tool for locating doulas, midwives, childbirth educators, birth photographers, and massage therapists.
Bringing Up Baby
Guide with medical advice, focused on providing preventive health care information for new and expecting parents.
Chez Miscarriage
Struggles with staying pregnant, and success at becoming a mom.
Childbirth Connection
Information and resources on planning for pregnancy, labor and birth, and the postpartum period.
A variety of informative and personal links relating to childbirth, pregnancy, parenting, early childhood, and infant feeding.
Christian Mommies
Christian parenting articles, resources, and message boards.
Dancing Thru Pregnancy
Innovative programs in women's health and fitness with special emphasis on exercising safely while pregnant.
FAQ Farm: Pregnancy FAQ
Interactive question and answer forum on pregnancy.
I am expecting.co.uk
The one stop shop for all parents, covering information on childbirth, childcare, parenting, nurseries and schools.
I am pregnant
Information on getting pregnant, pregnancy and child birth. Read pregnancy Myths and Facts, facts about birth-control and pregnancy tests and also about infertility and its treatments.
Pregnancy guide in Canada with information on health while pregnant.
It's Just Another Baby
A humorous look at the stages of pregnancy from a dad's point of view.
LA Pregnancy
Pregnancy information and tips, with support and help for mothers in Los Angeles, California.
A Little Pregnant
Tells the trials of trying to get pregnant and the rewards of finally becoming parents.
Make Way for Baby
Information on pregnancy, stimulation of babies, and details on how to prepare for pregnancy and childbirth.
A social network for moms and pregnant woman to share parenting questions, mothering ideas, tips.
Pregnancy and parenting website with details on conceiving, pregnancy, child birth and parenting in India.
National Childbirth Trust - United Kingdom
Childbirth and parenting charity. Information on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenthood.
Information about herbal products during pregnancy and other natural remedies.
Nine Months
Australian resource for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, with health articles, consumer guides, online shopping and a newsletter.
For expectant moms, teens, expecting multiples, birth, delivery, diapers, and article resources.
Pregnancy Birth and Beyond
Up-to-date and source of information and support for pregnancy, birth and parenting from an Australian perspective.
The Pregnancy Centre
Helpful information about care during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Clue
Article driven site on everything related to pregnancy and pre-conception. Includes updates and links on pregnancy.
The Pregnancy Directory
Human edited and categorized directory of pregnancy related resources.
A Pregnancy Guide
Guide to a healthy pregnancy and fertility. Articles on pregnancy symptoms, eating for two, and links to pregnancy DVDs and CDs.
Pregnancy Lounge
Pregnancy guide with helpful information for women who are pregnant, want to be pregnant, or with a new baby.
Pregnancy Mate
UK community for pregnancy and baby's first year, offering a variety of interactive features and forums.
Pregnancy Resources @ KinderStart
List of best internet resources related to pregnancy and birth.
Pregnancy Resources at FirstBabymall.com
Review pregnancy-related articles designed to educate the first-time expectant mother while she is pregnant.
Pregnancy Tips
Website offering week by week information on every stage of pregnancy.
Making sense of the confusing symptoms and signs of pregnancy.
Offering online communities, interactive tools, price robot, articles and a pregnancy calendar. Content spans pre-pregnancy to after birth.
Pregnancy articles, information on conception, labor, names, parenting and other issues.
Preparation Guide
An expectant parent's guide to preparing now before baby arrives. Also provides help for new parents sleep deprived from newborn care.
Progressive Parent Series
Postpartum workout video featuring the kegel exercise to prepare for labor and lose weight after pregnancy.
Safe Motherhood
Group dedicated to improved maternal and newborn survival. Available in English, French and Spanish.
Plenty of well written and nice articles about pregnancy plus the expert's advice from the woman portal sofeminine.co.uk.
A web site for those expecting a new baby. Created by moms with regard to pregnancy, new baby concerns, baby names, due date calculator, safety concerns and shopping.
Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby
Contains excerpts from the new book, "The Unofficial Guide to Having A Baby," pregnancy articles, pregnancy links.
Welcome Addition
Pregnancy calendar, nutrition, tips, month by month prenatal guide, baby's first year.
WomenFitness.net: Pregnancy
Information on fertility, pregnancy health and complications.

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